Thursday, 12 May 2022

Urban Makers Spring Market - Sat/Sun 14th/15th May at the Eco Pavilion


Urban Makers return to the Ecology Pavilion, Mile End Park this weekend to host their annual spring market.

Fifty different designers will be joining in each day selling everything from homeware, jewellery and art, to candles, toys, clothing and accessories. All sustainable and ethical. There will also be a range of workshops and Urban Makers Feast will be back with a great selection of food and drink. 

 Free entry.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Easter Egg Hunt in Tredegar Square - Easter Saturday 16th April at 11am


This Saturday Meotra is putting on an Easter Egg Hunt for our younger residents. We have lots and lots of eggs - many with novelty toys inside and others that are squidgy colourful ones that can be exchanged for egg-related treats.

If you are around on Saturday, the hunt will begin at 11 AM and it will be great to see some of our families with young children; or grandparents why not bring your grandchildren along?

Please do pop along and say hello.  We will be setting up from 10 am (a quick litter pick, followed by the egg hiding antics).

It would be helpful if you could message me to say if you are  planning on coming (so we can give a target of how many eggs to collect). 

The event is free

Friday, 25 March 2022

Local Covid-19 Update - LFT Kits, vaccines, masks

As we approach April, there are some key changes occurring within Tower Hamlets regarding access to local government Covid-19-related services.


Lateral Flow Kits (LFTs) are currently available free of charge, but from the 1st of April you will have to pay for them. So within the next few days either order some online from the government or pop along to an Idea Store (Bow or Whitechapel seem to be well stocked up) to pick up a pack or two. You might as well get recycle bags whilst there too! If you are a family, or care for someone who is vulnerable, then say that and they may give you more LFT kits.

Making the LFT kit last - Most of us only need to test when we are symptomatic (cold/flu-like symptoms) and if this is positive then 5-6 days later (i.e. not daily). However, if you are going near anyone vulnerable then you should test yourself each time before you go to see them. 

The council currently employs quite a big team to distribute LFT kits, supervise at testing centres (such as William's Place) and lots of mobile "blue tents" that move around the borough. These will be wound down over the next week. Make use of them whilst they are still there. And thank them for all they have done for little or no pay.


Tower Hamlets has secured just under £500,000 from the government to increase vaccine uptake. Tower Hamlets has the 13th lowest first vaccine rate in the UK and the 4th lowest rate for the booster. Around 1 in 3 of our borough have yet to have their first jab (that's over 110,000 people). We are only averaging around 75 a day, with boosters double that approximately. If you have yet to have a vaccine (1st, 2nd OR booster) then you would do well to get jabbed in the next few weeks before the system becomes largely dedicated to giving a 4th dose to around seven million people nationally (ie. adults aged 75 years and over; residents in a care home for older adults; or individuals aged 12 years and over who are immunosuppressed, or have weakened immune systems).

You can book your vaccine via this council webpage

Covid-19 Cases in Tower Hamlets

Covid-19 cases in our borough remain very high and are currently at  around 1 in 19. Worryingly the virus is now spreading across ALL age groups for the first time. Cases in Bow West are up by 38% in the last week.

To reduce your risk of catching Covid or developing long-Covid it is recommended you::

  1. Get fully jabbed up
  2. Avoid friends with cold or-flu-like symptoms
  3. Wear an FFP2 or FFP3 mask in confined or crowded spaces
If you do catch COVID you may be eligible for anti-viral Covid treatments (see eligibility) or want to register for the Panoramic study. You need to request these anti-viral treatments within 4-5 days of a positive test result.

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Our Jubilee Jamboree is coming together

We still have to get the finer details in place, but the above flyer gives a good taste of what we are planning for the day. Please do put the date in your diary: Sunday 5th June. 12-5PM Tredegar Square.

More info to come with our next newsletter. 


Thursday, 17 March 2022

Making a Mountain out of Antill?


Application Date: 28/03/2022 | Launch Date: 28/03/2022

The MEOTRA inbox has had quite a bit of traffic related to the forthcoming Antill Road changes.

The key issue is that residents can't apply for an exemption permit until the day the scheme launches. MEOTRA have tried and tried to get this madness rectified by emailing and speaking to our councillors, the borough's executive Mayor, the council officer in charge of Liveable Streets and RingGo, the private company responsible for the permit scheme. We've even had our MP, Rushanara Ali, explaining it to residents on their doorsteps!

It doesn't seem to be through a lack of political will, but more a case of "Computer Says No". Whether that is a particular council officer's computer or RingGo's computer is something MEOTRA couldn't possibly guess, though RingGo do seem to manage to look after the details for some 16 million UK cars and handle over 2 million transactions a month without much problem.

The good news is that the council is giving everyone TWO WEEKS GRACE, so you won't get fined at the scheme launch. So I'd recommend putting a calendar reminder in your diary or on your phone calendar to apply sometime after the 28th of March. This is the link to the council page in case you've lost it.

And don't forget, even without a permit, the scheme still let's you drive to anywhere you want, though you might have to go around the houses a bit.

Today I found this snippet from an old MARCH 2000 newsletter, which gives an idea of how long rat-running through our area has been discussed:

"Rat-Running in Mile End Old Town

Since the opening of the M11 link, MEOTRA has viewed with growing concern the increase in traffic that is cutting through our area from Mile End Road up to Tredegar Road and, in particular, the speed at which some vehicles go along our streets.

We are tackling this problem on two fronts. Firstly, we have written to Tom McCourt, Head of Traffic at Tower Hamlets, suggesting a number of kerb extensions to narrow some streets down to single lanes, so that cars must slow down. We are not in favour of speed bumps as these cause considerable noise, particularly for those poor residents who have to live by one! . . . Both MEOTRA and the Antill Road Residents' Association, who are also suffering from rat-running, raised the following points:

  • there is a significant build up of traffic along Grove Road

  • the junction of Mile End Road/Grove Road/Burdett Road is becoming increasingly dangerous (the death of a young cyclist there at the end of last year highlights this)

  • lorries and vans are speeding through the area, with no regard for school children who walk in our area

  • vehicles are turning right at the bottom of Tredegar Road into Coborn Road which is both illegal and dangerous

  • and the obvious one of increased traffic through our area"


Monday, 7 March 2022

Liveable Streets - Antill Road Exception Scheme

Antill Road

Recently many MEOTRA residents received a letter from Tower Hamlets Council regarding the commencement of works to install a new road closure to through traffic on Antill Road on the junction with Selwyn Road.

The closure is scheduled to be operational from Monday 28th March and construction works have already begun. 

Many MEOTRA residents are entitled to apply for a permit (£20 per annum) to pass through Antill Road in a westbound direction. (Only emergency vehicles can pass in an eastbound direction).

It transpires letters were sent prematurely, before the council's IT had updated the relevant website. This has now been done, but there is still an elephant in the room: You can't apply for a permit until THE DAY the scheme launches. This is obviously bonkers and it seems to be either that "RingGo", the outside company issuing permits, are unable to have cope with application dates before the start date, or council officers are being intransient for whatever reason.

At the moment our councillors are working to sort this out - it is a bureaucratic issue, rather than a political one.

If you do manage to get your permit sorted before the day you need it, then please let us know. We are monitoring the council site for updates and chasing the issue with both RingGo and the council. Keep an eye on the relevant council page and see if the application date moves to something more sensible.

Bow West Police Ward Panel Meeting

Every three months or so the local community have a chance to meet up with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for our Bow West Ward. Last Friday MEOTRA attended the meeting. It was online, lasted around 45 minutes and there was plenty of time for everyone to raise any concerns with police officers. 

What is a Police Ward Panel and what does it do?

A ward panel sets local SNT ward priorities and hold the SNT to account for issues affecting the community. It feeds information and emerging issues directly to local officers, helping to shape and deliver local priorities and inform supervisors. Ward panel decisions must be evidence-based and inform, influence and involve both the community and police officers as part of a continuous cycle of feedback, review and action.

Last Friday's meeting was pretty poorly attended with just myself, Cllr Val Whitehead, Roshan (a Meotra resident) as Chair, two police officers and a rep from Malmesbury Estate. We discussed:

  • Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) and possible drug dealing  along the Roman Road which looks to be linked to a vape shop.
  • Meotra fed back that many residents were concerned about speeding, jumping red lights and illegal U-turns along Grove Road. Also cyclists are jumping the red lights at the crossing by the railway bridge. It might be tempting to think this isn't a police matter, but all agreed it certainly was and results in a significant number of deaths.
  • The large number of car windows smashed overnight (including the filmed on on Tredegar Road). The police didn't seem to know about this mini-epidemic.
  • The police brought up ASB within Tredegar Square. The gardens have seen an increase in ASB, littering, loitering, drug use, NOX (aka Happy Crack cannisters); as well as speeding around the Square. There is a feeling these issues have increased since the Parks Department stopped locking the Gardens overnight (during Covid).
  • Priorities are evidence based: if issues aren't logged then they can't be prioritised. This is why it is important to obtain a crime reference number.

The meeting resulted in three ward priorities being set:
  1. ASB in and around Tredegar Square.
  2. Issues centred on Whitton Walk/ Howcroft House (Malmesbury Estate)
  3. ASB around Driffield/Roman  Road

Why not get involved?

There are only 3-4 meetings a year, they only take up around 45 minutes and are currently online so no travelling time is involved and they do make a difference. So around four hours commitment a year.

If you'd like to find out more then please contact  Roshan (via me) or PC Aisha Miller ( or 0208 649 3521

Other online Crime and Policing Resources

Look at the Bow West section of the Metropolitan Police website
The Crime Data Dashboard (look at Borough and Ward-level data)
The Ward Panel Handbook (don't be put off - this handbook covers all eventualities. The meetings are much more straightforward!).
Tower Hamlets Council info on policing

Friday, 4 March 2022

MEOTRA's Jubilee Jamboree - Tredegar Square, Sunday 5th June


We've settled on the date: Sunday 5th June

We've settled on the venue: Tredegar Square Gardens

We've booked: the Facepainters

We've booked the Bouncy Castles

And we've just been awarded a £500 grant (plus a few "K" from our reserves) to bring all the residents in the area together for a day (or Two!) of fun. This isn't just for the residents of Tredegar Square; but for everyone from Coborn St, Coborn Road, Morgan Street, Grove Road, Aberavon Road, College Terrace, Tredegar Terrace, Benbow Mews, Pembroke Mews, Clinton Road, Mile End Road, Rhondda Grove, Alloway Road and Lichfield Road.

Mile End Old Town Residents Association was 50 years old in 2021, but this year we are holding a belated 50th Anniversary Party. We've come a long way, from Tred. Sq and its environs being about to being demolished and turned into a park, to the lovely mish mash of folk living around the MEOTRA block.

What Jubilacious Jamboree of fun do we have in store?

-Well that's up to you. ***Email if you'd like to get involved*** in the advanced planning. We want to hear your ideas. Let us know what you want to contribute (anything from Cakes to Fun Games).

-We'll be in the Lord Tredegar next Wednesday Night (16th March) if you want to pop along for a glass of something and a chat about how we can celebrate this momentous occasion. 



Sunday, 27 February 2022

Platinum Jubilee Party in Tredegar Square - Sunday 5th June. Your help needed!


Would you like to help out organising our party for the Queen?

On 6th February this year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

As many of you will know, we have a special bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, and Mile End Old Town Residents Association are going to hold a party in Tredegar Square to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. As that week is half term for many, we will  be holding the party on Sunday 5th June as many families will be back on the Sunday from any trips. But that is not set in stone yet. 

"Fun Day on Steroids"
We need residents to help plan the day and help out in lots of ways! It may be baking a cake, making some bunting, stepping up and singing a song,  or doing some of the boring, but necessary, red tape form filling.

Meotra usually holds a Fun Day each summer, and this year we expect our party to contain elements of that, but with lots and lots of extras. We will likely have the usual elements of face painters, a clown, bouncy [Windsor] castles, Bobby Bubbles and his Crown Jewels of Bubbles; but we want lots more: Cakes, cakes and more cakes. Picnics Galore, bring a dish, tug-of-war, a traditional street party for the children, music, Egg and Dog race. Perhaps traditional cakes from your part of the UK or from around the world? [Mauritian Neapolitan is my fav.] Which street can make the best cake (I hear Clinton have a bit of an advantage!). A traditional table and chairs sit down feast for the kids in the middle of the square. An evening gig for adults in theHac with some local musicians or DJ Jim on the desks?

Obviously all the above are just ideas and the day is a blank canvas. Meotra has quite a bit of money set aside for the day to ensure it is as memorable as the 1953/1977/2002/2012 parties. It would be great if residents from across the 14 Meotra streets could get involved with organising the day in small or larger ways?  Neighbours from the same street getting to know each other better as well as between streets.

From here to Metformin...

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Update on street-related issues within MEOTRA

Thanks to everyone who fed back about litter/street issues in our neighbourhood following last month’s article - around 20 issues at least.

We have had a meeting with the council officers last week which has moved some of the issues along a bit:

Onyx House Eurobins

The four 1500-litre Eurobins (two pink and two black) that have been living in Aberavon Road are still there. We have a bit of a standoff: Onyx House have no one to “present them” [ie put them out], and the council bin men won’t go in and get them as the wooden bin stores are congested, have hinges hanging off and are deemed a Health and Safety Hazard.

MEotra [emphasis on the ME] have looked at the planning application and, low and behold, the bin stores don’t match the granted planning permission. There are two rows of them opposite one another and this means the bins are a nightmare to get in/out. The planning application just had one row, with plenty of space, although being side on that wouldn't have worked well either! LBTH are going to get planning enforcement onto it.

Street Litter and Full Litter Bins

The council are going to replace lots of our street litter bins with “Big Belly" ones which compact the litter, hold around 8 times as much and even text the council automatically when they are getting full.

Around 9-12 of these are going to be installed (including the four lower Grove Road bus stops; outside Costa, Starbucks, Nando's and KFC; two between the Greedy Cow and Coffee Room; and the Onyx House bus stop). This should happen within a couple of months.

Eurobins for the businesses on Grove Road

The council seem to have as many reasons for not doing this as I have for not getting up in the morning. Something to return to post local-elections (the bins that is).
The good news is the council have come and jet washed the pavement outside all the businesses and it looks much better. Cheers!

Get LYN on to it

I have reported some of the issues folk emailed in, using the LYN App (Love Your Neighbourhood) which is on both Android, iPhone. You can also just use a “regular” online form. It would be great if folk used this to report problems.

The Last Resort - Shame the council on Twitter

If you are reading this on the Meotra website then if you look to the left (<--) you’ll see we’ve tried to shame the council into action on some things. I don’t like this approach, and only use it if a stalemate/brick wall has been reached:

  • The crudely fenced-off hole in the pavement on the corner of Mile End Rd and Tredegar Sq. has been there for months. LBTH say “It ain’t ours, tell TfL” and, you guessed it, TfL say: “It ain’t ours, tell LBTH”. This game of Wiff-Waff between authorities has left MEotra with a sore neck.
  • The Black Bin Bags in Pink Wheelie Bins phenomena - Pink Bin Men come and won’t empty the bins with black bags in them; then Black Bin Men come and won’t take the black bags out of the pink wheelie bins. This has gone on for weeks on Grove road. It is the sort of thing Michael Rosen might put to verse.

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB)

The police were in Tredegar Square today (Wednesday) for an hour to chat to residents and discourage any anti-social behaviour. They sent a message about being there very late in the day unfortunately (Tuesday?) and it was buried in the MEotra inbox.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Making Mile End Station Step-free - TfL Consultation closes Thursday 10th February


(Map adapted from

TfL currently have a live consultation "Help shape the future step-free access to the tube" which closes on Thursday 10th February. 

Many locals would like to see Mile End Station become step-free and the above consultation offers you a chance to influence that. Whilst the survey doesn't directly allow you to select Mile End Station, your answers and postcode etc will help. You can also add a comment in the free-flowing box to question 16 mentioning Mile End.

It also asks if you want toilets at stations - this is a pet peeve of mine. I think ALL stations should have a loo. With the closing of ticket offices they have the space, if not always the plumbing, although the staff have toilets. If McDonalds can have public toilets so can we at our stations. 

The survey can be completed online in around 10 minutes or you can email

Why Mile End?

Mile End is the third busiest tube station in the borough (only Canary Wharf and Tower Hill are busier) with around 24,595 entries and 22,390 exits per day* and a total of 15.75  million entries/exits per year, making it the 51st busiest station on the network (out of 268) and one of the 20 busiest outside of Zone 1.

(*Answers on a postcard as to why Entry and Exit figures don't match!).

It is a very busy interchange too.

With the large QMUL campus nearby, having the nearest station accessible is important to students and staff alike.

As most new developments in Tower Hamlets are now car-free, growing numbers of residents rely on the tube to travel around London. 

How practical would it be to implement?

That's for the engineers to work out! They could at least do a feasibility study.

The above station layout suggests that it might be possible with lifts from the platform to the ticket hall area and then a second lift possibly from where the current staff office is to the street (the existing staff area could move to where the bricked up old ticket office is. Alternatively, access via the eastern end of the stations via Maplin St (by the Rusty Bike) might be feasible.

Monday, 31 January 2022

Please Feedback: Litter/Street Cleanliness Concerns


Every Litter Helps?

MEOTRA have a meeting with the council on Wednesday morning about various street cleaning issues in the area:

  • NOX cannisters in Tredegar Square
  • No recycling bin bags distributed for ages
  • Street bins overflowing, moving over to "big-belly" bins in problem areas
  • Ongoing issues with Onyz House Eurobins not being put back and often left in the road
  • Issues reported via the LYN app (on Android or iPhone) being "closed" without the problems resolved (e.g the orange barriers have been around a hole on Mile End Road for months)
  • Siting Eurobins on Grove Road at the southern end where all the shops are

Please let us know if there are any "street" issues you'd like us to add to the list and we'll pass them on.


Friday, 28 January 2022

Free Family Cycle Training - book your place


The wonderful Bikeworks are putting on some FREE family cycle training that some of you with families might want to book onto. The training takes place in the east side of Vicky Park.

There's also a Dr Bike there from 9-12 on 14th February

Full details are on the dedicated Bikeworks Page. If you are unable to provide your own cycles, they will be able to supply one for free with a helmet at their Victoria Park Cycling Hub.

#NotALottaPeopleKnowThat: The founder of Bikeworks, Jim, is a local and is often found in the Morgan Arms. He manned the decks as DJ for their NYE party


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Increasing the Number of Tall Buildings in our Area: Council webinar tonight 5-6.30PM (Thursday 27-01-2022)


Today, Thursday 27th January between 5-6.30PM there is a webinar to discuss allowing more tall buildings in our area of Bow. Please attend if you can as this could significantly affect our area

Please click on this link to access the meeting:

Thursday 5pm 27 January 2022 (5.00-6.30pm): Central Area – Victoria Park, Globe Town, Bow, Stepney, Mile End, Lime House, Bow Common and part of Wapping, Shadwell and Poplar.

The consultation documents can be found at Tall Buildings SPD | Let’s Talk Tower Hamlets.

The consultation doesn’t specifically mention the Benjy’s site which you will recall at one point was potentially going to be 43 storeys high! It will be worth asking about that at the meeting as that would significantly impact the Bow/Mile End Area in numerous ways.

The key area of concern is the proposal that a large part of the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) campus site be designated as a Tall Buildings Area. This would involve demolishing the reasonably short line of buildings on the canal front (currently used as mature student accommodation) and replacing them with ones over twice the height (30m+, 10+ storeys). There are concerns this would significantly negatively impact Mile End Park’s Art Zone, particularly regarding the loss of afternoon sunlight.

Additionally, it has been suggested a pedestrian/cycle bridge would link the park and the QMUL site. Many locals object to this for several reasons including that:

  • Any bridge would have to be very long (it needs to be tall enough for boats/bikes/pedestrians to go under and yet the slope has to be gentle enough for wheelchair access). Hence it would take up a significant amount of the park’s limited green space.
  • Areas under canal bridges often have ASB activity associated with them (including muggings etc).
  • This portion of the park would in effect become an annex of the university and it would suffer from overuse. It is already at saturation in the summertime.
  • There are already TWO bridges within 300m of each other and further bridges are unnecessary.

We propose QMUL seriously consider the Guardian Angel's school site (which is a significant size and has been closed for around two years). This would save the area being blighted by tall buildings and importantly stop creating a precedent for tall buildings in the area.

(We will be writing another post shortly after the above meeting to detail how you can input to the consultation process)

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party - Pop in to the Lord Tredegar tonight or tomorrow @7PM for a chat

Last December Tower Hamlets Council launched the Jubilee Celebration Events Fund for events and parties to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. In the past Meotra have celebrated the 1977 and 2002 Jubilees with street parties and we would love to do the same again this Summer centred around the Lord Tredegar.

It has been a rotten couple of years where our usual Meotra events haven't been possible, but finger's crossed we can put on a good "do" this Summer and bring us together as a community.

The Jubilee weekend is 4 days long from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June and we would like to hold our celebrations on one of these days with the whole of the MEOTRA community invited. MEOTRA approached the the Lord Tredegar (the Pub not the person) about this a few weeks ago and they are onboard.

The deadline for the grant application is Monday 31st January at NOON and we are keen to hear from anyone ASAP who would like to be involved in whatever capacity and/or just wants to put forward their ideas. Some of us will be in the Lord Tredegar tonight and tomorrow (that's Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th) from 7PM for 45 mins or so to look at options. Pop along and have a chat. Just ask for us at the bar.

We are hopeful of obtaining the £500 grant and Meotra could donate something like £1000 from our reserves.

As mentioned in a previous article on 22nd December in memoriam to Stan Jones when I discussing the street party ideas with a friend, Stan was always a key part of the celebrations and they meant so much to him. It would be great to find a way to honour Stan on the day.

I hope to see some of you either tonight or tomorrow to answer any queries or just exchange ideas 😃

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Where would you like to see more EV chargers?

Tower Hamlets Council has been given some government money to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers across the borough, and the council want to know where you'd like them put.

If you click along to the council's dedicated page at you can read more about the initiative and put a pin where you think new EV chargers should go on a Tower Hamlets street.

As far as I can see from the Zap Map website, the MEOTRA area only has THREE existing street EV points (all in Tredegar Square).

There is a discussion on Andrew Wood's Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs Facebook Group which gives a community-based overview of the various types of charger and issues surrounding them (non-electric cars parking there, folk overcharging vehicles etc).

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Your Views on the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation is Live


After five years of community development and consultation, a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Roman Road Bow has been validated by a meeting of the Tower Hamlets Council Cabinet on Wednesday 24 November, and is now out for public consultation until the end of January. If you can please spend some time responding to the  consultation and give your views on the development and use of land in the area.

Alex, Chair of Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum continues:

If successful, the Neighbourhood Plan will for the first time give local residents the power to shape the planning decisions, economic development and growth in the Roman Road Bow area, by setting neighbourhood priorities that the Borough Council must take into account when making planning and funding decisions.
The Neighbourhood Plan area extends from Globe Town to the west, Victoria Park to the north, Mile End to the south and the London Legacy Development Corporation area to the east. It therefore covers key local landmarks including Roman Road Market, parts of Mile End Park and Bow House Business Centre, as well as tens of thousands of local residents.

How was the Neighbourhood Plan developed?

The Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum following its establishment in 2016. Over the last five years, the Forum has sought to engage as many different groups and individuals as possible to shape the community’s priorities for local planning and community development.
The key themes and policies in the plan are as follows:

  • A thriving high street and local economy – encouraging the flexible use of premises
  • Green streets that encourage walking and cycling – improving safe walking and cycling routes
  • Beautiful public spaces – enhancing public spaces and designating local green spaces
  • New life for our local heritage – conserving and enhancing Bow Wharf and designating unprotected local pubs as heritage assets
  • High quality affordable housing – supporting affordable, high quality, low-carbon community-led housing
  • A resilient and well-networked community infrastructure – supporting new and improved sports and play facilities, and improving existing community facilities

If it is successfully adopted, it will give local residents significant power over the local area up to 2031, including the ability to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, to have their say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided, and to grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead.
How can I have my say?
The Plan [is out for consultation until the end of January], through the Council’s website.
Details of the neighbourhood plan and supporting documents can be found at

Due to restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic, hard copies of the neighbourhood plan will not be made available at the Town Hall. Please contact the Plan Making team on the details below if you have difficulty accessing the plan.

Responses to the consultation can be submitted through the consultation web page, or by email to

Responses must be received by 5pm on Monday 31 January 2022.

Please speak up! This is a key time to respond, as after this latest consultation, the Forum will be reviewing and updating the plan in the light of feedback received.

What happens next?
After the consultation, the plan then goes to an independent examiner to consider if it meets certain basic conditions and other legal requirements. The examiner can ask for changes to be made, but if the examiner agrees the plan meets legal requirements, it will be recommended to proceed to a local referendum. Everyone in the plan area who is entitled to vote in local elections will be able to vote to approve or reject the plan in the referendum.
If approved, the neighbourhood plan will help shape developments in Bow up to 2031, and it will be a material consideration in the Council considering planning applications. It will form part of the planning framework, sitting under the Local Plan 2031 for Tower Hamlets, which is under the London Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.

How can I get involved?

  • You can join the Neighbourhood Forum on our website