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MEOTRA has been going since 1974 and has published over 140 newsletters and rising. 

Over 136 of these have now been digitised and these documents illustrate the extensive changes that have occurred over the last half a century to this little pocket of the east end. It is ever-evolving, but common themes raise their head and are voiced by an ever-changing cast of characters. So take a wander around our virtual MEOTRA streets. Keep an eye out for the dog poo, the rat running, the traffic and parking problems, be inspired by spirited locals battling AND WINNING against ill-conceived plans to level the area; but enjoy tales of  children performing and directing  the Lord of the Ring Trilogy over three nights, real east enders rubbing shoulders with EastEnders from the Beeb, steam trains, Fun Days, Carols with illicit mulled wine and some rather weak jokes along the way. 

In 2000 Meotra published Changing Places which gives a sense of place, but above all else a taste of the people. These newsletters too capture the characters who have walked and lived or worked on these fourteen streets of ours over the last half a century or more.

Typically there are three MEOTRA newsletters each year: before the AGM; Summer Fun Day and the Carol Singing.

Newsletter Issue Contents
2023A March 2023 Easter Egg Hunt; Tredegar Square Gardens; Local places to exercise; Changes to local parking restrictions;  Crime and Anti Social Behaviour (ASB); Police Ward Panel; 
2022B Dec 2022 Crime and Anti Social Behaviour (ASB); Tredegar Square Safer Communities Engagement Day; Rewilding Holy Trinity Churchyard; 

May 2022

AGM & Constitution Changes; Carols in the Square: In COVID Times; Crime: Jubilee Jamboree: Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee; Liveable Streets/LTN; Easter Egg Hunt; Meotra almost 50; Bow West Ward Panel; Coopers' Company and Coborn School ongoing link; Joan Griffiths receives Civic Award.

Dec 2021

AGM & Constitution Changes; Carols in the Square: In COVID Times; Crime: Bow West Ward Panel; Filming in MEOTRA area; Planning: Liveable Streets; Rewilding Holy Trinity Churchyard; TSG: Survey
2020B Dec 2020 Event: Carols - COVID-19 Doorstep Carols
2020A Oct 2020 Events: Covid Curbs MEOTRA's activities; COVID-19: ZOOM AGM
2019C Dec 2019 History: 75th Anniversary of First Flying Bomb
2019B June 2019 ???
2019A March Air Pollution Monitoring; Planning: High Levels of Planning Appeals; Onyx House; 12 Norman Grove; 2A-12C Grove Road; People: Bernard Merry; Morgan Freeman
2018CDec 2018 TSG Bulb Planting; Christmas Appeal: Bow Foodbank; Planning: 53 Grove Road Texaco Garage; Crime: Safer Neighbourhood Panel
2018B June 2018 People: Russell Stone; Planning: TfL redesign of Mile End Junction
2018A March 2018 Bow Police; Crime: Burglaries; Planning: Plastic Windows; Planning: Texaco site - 53 Grove Road; Traffic
2017C Dec 2017 Crime: Safer Neighbourhood Team; Planning: Article 4 Direction on Grove and Burdett Road; Planning: Benjy's Towers
2017B June 2017 Event: Bow Church Open Days; Planning: 562 Mile End Rd; Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum; Traffic Problems: rat running; TSG: Appeal for info.
2017A April 2017 Planning: 48-52 Grove Road; Planning: Benjy's Towers; TSG Bulb Planting
2016C April 2016 Bow Book Group; Event: Carols in the Street!; Crime: Bow Police Ward Panel Planning: Grove Rd Texaco Planning Application; TSG Bulb Planting
2016B Dec 2016 Planning: Roman Road Neighbourhood Plans; Planning: Territorial Army Site; TSG: Bulb Planting
2016A June 2016 Planning: 562 Mile End Rd; rear of 48-52 Grove Rd; Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan
2015C Dec 2015 Event: MEOTRA Mums; Planning: CS2 Upgrade; Play: Common Women
2015A SUMMER 2015 ???
2015B April 2015 Crime: Plant Theft; Fly Tipping; Planning: Cycle Superhighway CS2; Planning: Road Works - Mile End Road; Planning: Tree Felling on Bow Rd
2014C Dec 2014 Crime: Theft, Litter & ASB
2014B June 2014 Balcony Gardening; Bow Drama Group; Heritage: Post Box; Planning: Art Pavilion applies to be wedding venue; Planning: St Clements, Community Land Trust
2014A March 2014 History: Meotra; Photo: Margaret's Garden; Planning: 5 Coborn Rd; Planning: Mile End Park Art Pavilion as wedding venue; Police Walkabout; Rubbish Collections
2013C Dec 2013 Planning: 5 Coborn Rd; Planning: Benjy's Site; Planning: Coborn Arms; Play: Bow Voices
2013B June 2013 History: St Clements; Planning: Why SO SLOW!; Play: Bow Voices; TSG: Opening Hours
2013A April 2013 Bow Drama; Crime: Burglaries; Filming; People: Michael Rowan Thanks; People: Nigel Glendinning RIP; Planning: Central Foundation to become residential
2012C Dec 2012 Planning: Central Foundation School for Girls; Planning: Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL); Planning: St Clements; Planning: Trees
2012B June 2012 Olympics; Planning: CFSfG; Trees and Shrubs to support wildlife
2012A April 2012 Air Pollution; Crime: Burglaries; FOMEP; Gardening Club; Night Flights
2011C Dec 2011 East End Life; Gardening Club
2011B June 2011 Event: Bow Pageant; Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park; Gardening Club; Traffic: Olympics; TSG: Alcohol Use
2011A April 2011 People: Rev Michael Peet RIP; TV Aerials & Satellite dishes
2010C Dec 2010 Crime: Anti-social Behaviour (ASB); Farmers Market at QM College
2010B June 2010 Event: Carless Boot Sale; Planning: Green Bridge Takeaways
2010A March 2010 Planning: Hindu Temple in Rhondda Grove; Planning: Local Development Framework
2009C Dec 2009 Crime: Car Vandalisation; Grove Rd Crossing; Planning: Club E3 Update
2009B June 2009 Event: Carless Boot Sale; Petition: Grove Rd Pelican; Planning: Club E3 license suspended
2009A April 2009 Planning: Street Furniture; Sikh Temple Fire; Snow
2008C Dec 2008 Bancroft Library Saved; Parking; Planning: Club E3 Silenced; Planning: Onyx House
2008B June 2008 Bow Book Group; Carless Boot Sale; East End Women's Institute; Friends of Mile End Park
2008A March 2008 Filming in the Square: Part II; New Community Gym; People: Philomene Verlaan; Tredegar Square Area Traffic Planning
2007C Dec 2007 Aircraft Noise; Book Group; Carless Boot Sale; Filming in the Square
2007B June 2007 Event: Carless, Bootless Car Boot Sale!; Dirty Dogs; Home Information Packs; Mile End Park: Children's Play Area; Planning: MEOTRA response to Central Area Action Plan; Play: The Nightmare before Christmas
2007A March 2007 Mile End Park Rangers; National Childbirth Trust Coffee Mornings; Neighbourhood Watch; Play: The Nightmare Before Christmas; TSG: Playground Poll
2006C WINTER 2006 ???
2006B June 2006 Play: Meotra Youth; Planning: Council TSCA Guidelines; council planning user group idea
2006A March 2006 Bow Book Group; Crossrail; Grove Rd crossing; Mile End Park Rangers; Play: The Lord of the Rings Part III: The Return of the King
2005D Dec 2005 Crime: Safer Neighbourhoods; Event: MEOTRA Pub Quiz: Lord Tredegar for St Joseph's Hospice; Mile End Park: Michael Rowan Award; People: Elaine Kowalsky RIP; Play: Lord of the Rings Part II
2005C Sept 2005 Biodiversity: Buckthorn bushes & the Brimstone Butterfly; Crime: How to report Crime and Public Nuisance; Meotra Quiz Night at the Lord Tredegar in aid of St Joseph's Hospice; NCT Coffee Mornings; Neighbourhood Watch loses dedicated officer; Planning: Development and Meotra
2005B June 2005 Event: Meotra Quiz Night at Lord Tredegar; NCT Coffee Mornings; Planning: Crossrail; Play: Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers; Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park: Bow Beastlies
2005A March 2005 Aircraft Noise; Play: The Two Towers; Neighbourhood Watch; Crossrail; Bow Book Group
2004C Dec 2004 CRIME: Loop Card Readers; Mile End Park: Green Flag Award; Planning: Crossrail Mile End Park; Planning: Ropery Rope Factory; Play: Lord of the Rings Part II
2004B Aug 2004 Bow Book Group; Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE); National Childbirth Trust (NCT) Coffee Mornings; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Grove Rd Crossing; PLAY: Fellowship of the Ring; Youth Activities
2004A March 2004 Bow Book Group; Bow Crossword; CFGS Community Sports Centre; Friends of Mile End Park; Guidelines on living in a Conservation Area; Holy Trinity: History of the Church by Michael Peet; Play: The Fellowship of the Ring
2003C Dec 2003 History: Mile End Old Town (Andrew Reid); People: Michael Rowan Mile End Park; Play: Lord of the Rings; Police Horses in Mile End Park
2003B June 2003 BBQ & Bonfire nuisance; Bow Book Group; Dog Poo Fines; Friends of Mile End Park; History: Memories of Mile End Old Town; Mile End Park: Security; New Harley Grove Sports Centre; Rat Running through MEOT
2003A March 2003 Guardian Angels Church Restoration; History: Nicky Hilliard on moving to Tredegar Sq in 1961; London City Airport; Mencap Fundraiser at the Lord Tredegar; Play: Dick Whittington & His Cat; Postal Problems; Weekly Recycling
2002D Dec 2002 Central Foundation Girls School: Awarded Performing Arts status; Compost Bins; Grants: For Listed Buildings; Mencap; Planning: Crossrail; Planning: MEOTRA and GLA; Play: Dick Whittington; Postal Service Problems; Street Cleaning; Traffic & Speeding
2002C Sept 2002 Aircraft Noise; Flood Plains and Plans; Lichfield Rd Golden Jubilee Street Party Committee raises £4,200 for charities; Neighbourhood Watch; People: Dr Thomas John Barnardo (1845-1905); Street Litter and Rubbish
2002B June 2002 Heritage: Georgian Ice House in Tredegar Sq, digital video; Noise: Night Flights; Our Queen's Golden Jubilee: Lichfield Rd street Party, featured in The Times; Ragged School
2002A March 2002 Grove Rd Crossing; History: 401 Mile End R, Onyx House, Essex House, CR Ashbee; History: Charles Robert Ashbee (1836-1942); The Queen's Golden Jubilee
2001D Dec 2001 Aircraft Noise; People: Coborn Corner: Paresh & Mina Patel; Neighbourhood Watch; Dog Poo; Furniture: Quakers; Golden Jubilee Celebrations; History: Changing Places Book Launch; History: Prisca COBORN; History: TSG; People: Russell Stone
2001C Sept 2001 Bow Rd street furniture repainted and repaved; Changing Places Book Launch; History: Central Foundation Girls School; History: The Morgan Dynasty; Missing Boundary Marker to be replaced; Planning: Holy Trinity Church receives £336,500 lottery grant to convert crypt Planning: New Conservation Guidelines Issued
2001B June 2001 Aircraft Noise; Conservation Corner: Stucco; Friends of Mile End Park; Heritage Lottery Fund: Mile End Old Town book; History and Places: The Regents Canal; London Open House; Neighbourhood Watch; WJ Meade Opens at Green Bridge; Planning: Street Design Guide; Stepping Stones: Foot and Mouth Outbreak
2001A March 2001 Heritage: Ironwork, Railings, gates & street lamps; History: Malmesbury Junior School; Mile End Park: Forming a Friends Group; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Saxon Hall; Traffic: Rat running
2000D Dec 2000 Conservation: Front Doors; Crime: Poplar Boundary Stone STOLEN; Grants: Housing Repairs; History: Mile End Old Town; Kids MEOTRA; Kirtland Centre
2000C Sept 2000 Grant: £4000 Heritage Lottery Fund for MEOTRA Millennium Book; Heritage: Painting Sash Windows; History and Planning: Holy Trinity Church renovations; Mile End Park: Fountain Broke and gardens tatty already; Stepping Stones Farm; WJ Meade: S-Club 7 competition winners
2000B June 2000 Conservation Corner: Sash Windows; Millennium Photo Exhibition: Book of the Exhibition; People: PC Brian Mitchell; People: Russell Stone; Places: Territorial Army Centre; Street Litter; Super S-Club 7 Competition
2000A March 2000 Photos: Millennium Photography Exhibition; Play: Annie; Rubbish Collection; Traffic: Rat Running
1999E Dec 1999 Millennium Calendar
1999D Dec 1999 History: Pre-Millennial Thoughts; Millennium Celebrations; People: Russell Stone; Street Cleaning
1999C Oct 1999 Disunited Kingdom; Fortune-teller: Future of MEOT is good; Planning: Mile End Park Funding Awarded; Stepping Stones Farm at 20
1999B July 1999 Event: Fun Day: Fancy Dress - the last 1000 years!; Grove Forum: Rubbish, Parking, safety!; History: James Warren, engineer and inventor; Local History Sources; Planning: Mile End Park; 48-50 Grove Rd; TSG: Council to erect Christmas Tree; TSG: Pupils to plant bulbs, general wear and tear
1999A March 1999 History: Of the MEOTRA area (continued); Mile End Park; Millennium Ideas; Rents
1998D Dec 1998 Event: Christmas Carols in the Square; Council Tenants; History: MEOTRA Area; Mile End Park; Millennium Events Information; Planning: Conservation Guidelines
1998C Oct 1998 Aircraft Noise; Balloon Launch for Asbestos Charity (OEDA); Millennium Photography Project; Planning: Mile End Park Update; Planning: Traffic Schemes; rat running; Recycling: One Year On; Streetline: Dog Fouling; litter, street lighting
1998B June 1998 Approved Mini-cabs Scheme; BBQ Smoke!; Planning: Acoustic Wall north of Lichfield Rd railway; Planning: Help with Applications
1998A March 1998 Millennium Party Plans; Noise: Cabs; Photos: Millennium Photography Project; Planning: Holy Trinity Church Hall Opened; Planning: Mile End Park Wind Turbines
1997C Dec 1997 Dog Poo; History: Bow's Industrial Past; Holy Trinity Church: New Testament Church of God Church Hall completed; Noise; Planning: Barnardo's Tredegar Sq
1997B Oct 1997 History: Bow's Industrial Past; New phone Services Arrive; Parking: CPZs arrive; Planning: Mile End Park Funding Awarded
1997A Feb 1997 History: New Testament Church; History: The Coborn Inheritance; Planning: Holy Trinity Church to be restored as Church and Community Hall; Planning: Mile End Park £15 million plans; TSG: Let down by the council
1996C Nov 1996 Agenda 21; History: Coborn, Morgan & Tredegar Estates; Neighbourhood Watch; Parking: Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ); Planning: Harley Grove; Sikh Temple; extensions; Planning: Mile End Park
1996B July 1996 Barnardo's Boys Residential Unit, (27-28) Tredegar Square; History: The Welsh Connection; Holy Trinity Church: New Testament Church of God moving from Grove Rd; Mile End Park: Millennium Fund Funding; Noise: Mini-cabs, aircraft; Planning: 43-49 Grove Rd, 14 Grove Rd, Mews Flats for Tred Sq, 53 Tred Sq (Eileen & Sam's old café), Rhondda Grove Bingo Site; Survey: Sports Facilities for CFGS
1996A April 1996 Grove Rd Zebra Crossing; Street rubbish
1995E June 1995 TSG: Survey for residents regarding Tredegar Square Gardens
1995D Dec 1995 Event: Christmas Carols; Event: Christmas Party: Coborn Arms; Grove Rd Zebra Crossing; Parking; Street Litter
1995C Oct 1995 Dog Poo; Noise: Car and burglar alarms; aircraft Planning: 63 Coborn Rd; 22 Rhondda Grove; 43 Morgan St (Playwright's Arms); 17 Bow Rd; 30 Aberavon Rd; Planning: Mile End Park Millennium Funding Bid including Map; Residents Parking Plans Paused; TSG: Results of the survey
1995B June 1995 Barnardo's Boys Unit; Funday: Fancy Dress - the Wild West; Grove Rd Zebra Crossing; Holy Trinity: Arts Centre or New Testament Church of God?; Planning: 4 & 14 Grove Rd, 439-445 Mile End Rd; 21 Harley Grove; Planning: Meotra's role; TSG: Late night ASB and park patrols; VE Day Celebrations
1995A Feb 1995 Event: Christmas Party at Coborn Arms; Crime: Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) by CFGS; Grove Rd Zebra; Noise: Heathrow; TSG: Worn Grass
1994C Nov 1994 Aircraft Noise; Event: Fun Day Writeup: Croquet; Bouncy Castle theatrics and woes; Grove Forum & Bow West Forum; Planning: 14 Grove Rd; behind 1-67 Lichfield Rd; 32-38 Lichfield Rd TSG: Encouraging football in Mile End Common
1994B June 1994 Dog Warden; Grants: Railings; History: Doodlebug bomb with photo; Neighbourhood Watch; Residents Parking; Speed bumps; TSG: Use Mile End Park for ball games instead
1994A March 1994 Grants: Railings; Residents Parking
1993F Nov 1993 History: Bow's Development, Cooper's Company; Residents Parking Survey Results; Tower Hamlets Choir
1993E Sept 1993 2-page (Fund Day and Land & Co) some missing?
1993D June 1993 Grove Rd: Zebra Crossing; Introduction of residents parking; Neighbourhood Watch; Photo: Aberavon Rd 1979 Carnival Float Photo; Planning: Crossrail; TSGG: No ball games!
1993C April 1993 Event: Fun Day Notice; History: St Stephen's Church & Rd; Land & Co sponsorship starts; Planning: Bus Lane Introduction; Planning: Crossrail; Planning: Parking Zones Introduction
1992B Nov 1992 Event: 999 Spectacular; Crossrail; Events: First Carols in the Square; Events: Report on first FUN DAY; Grants: Railings; History: History of your House; Noise & Air Pollution; Unitary Development Plan
1992A March 1992 History: Charles Booth, "Bow is the Clapham of Tower Hamlets"; Mile End Lock by Peter Coker (1949)
1991D Nov 1991 Dog Poo; Mile End Rd: Green Man Too Fast!; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Unitary Development Plan; Party Walls; Central Foundation; Street Litter; Traffic: Rat Running
1991C Nov 1991 Neighbourhood Police reports from across the borough, including Bow
1991B July 1991 Mile End Hospital Casualty to close; Neighbourhood Watch; People: Canon ffrench-Beytagh RIP; Planning: Unitary Development Plan
1991A Feb 1991 Event: Christmas Party at Bates, Tredegar Terrace; History: Underground Shelter in Mile End by Edmond Kapp; Kirtland Centre: Mencap at old Post Office site
1990C Dec 1990 Event: Car Boot Sale; Crime: Neighbourhood Watch; Noise: Traffic, Planes, Cars, Alarms, Neighbours; Planning: Holy Trinity Church, Victoria Park Housing Association (VPHA); Planning: Tower Hamlets Unitary Development Plan; Post Box
1990B July 1990 History: Bow Heritage Trail; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Difficulty crossing Mile End Rd due to light timings
1990A March 1990 Parking; Restricting Car Use; Traffic
1989D Dec 1989 Bow Neighbourhood; Event: Christmas Party: Julie from EastEnders; Competition: MEOTRA Logo; MEOTRA Objectives; Planning: Crossrail; Trees
1989C Sept 1989 History: Bow Neighbourhood Blue Plaques Controversy - Morgan or Snow?; Heritage: Pillar Box Saga design; Planning: Holy Trinity Church for school teacher and sheltered housing?; Planning: Morgan St Closure Meeting (For or Against?)
1989B June 1989 Event: Central Foundation Fete; Planning: 49-51 Tred Sq; 51-53 Bow Rd; 43-49 Grove Rd; Planning: Proposed road across Vicky Park
1989A March 1989 "Meotra's malicious misinformation?"; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: 49-51 Tredegar Sq
1988D Dec 1988 Bow Area Improvement Office: Grants for Home Repairs; Event: Christmas Party; History: Sausage Makes of MEOT; Holy Trinity Churchyard: Litter; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Clinton Rd 100 homes; Residents Forum
1988C Sept 1988 Building Tips; Estate Agent Prosecuted; Heritage: Railings; History: WWII Bombing Report on MEOTRA Area; MEOTRA Residents Forum; Rent Assessment Survey; Trees
1988B June 1988 Campaign for a post-box within MEOTRA; History: Tredegar House, Newport; Spring Checks for your home
1988A Feb 1988 Crime: Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: 401 Mile End Road, Besso House; Planning: 49-51 Tredegar Sq vacant site Planning: Coach House demolished without permission
1987D Nov 1987 Cable TV Arrives: 25 channels!; History: Lichfield Rd in 1863; Local History Working Group; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Coborn St Coach house
1987C Sept 1987 History: Coborn Rd Station; Planning: Coborn St, Coach House Saga; Post Box Saga; Residents' Skills Swap; TSG: Works almost complete!
1987B July 1987 Event: Historic Walk with Gail Durbin; History: 401 Mile End Road & CR Ashbee; Neighbourhood Watch; TSG: New landscaping complete. No dogs allowed!
1987A April 1987 History: Street Names; Planning: Article 4; Planning: Street Lights; Planning: TSG; Traffic
1986C Dec 1986 Event: Christmas Social; Housing Action Area; Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: 49-51 Tredegar Square; Planning: Article 4 Direction; Planning: Lampposts; Traffic
1986B July 1986 AIM: Area Improvement & Modernisation; New period lampposts; Noise; Planning: 49-51 Tred Sq site for sheltered housing?; Planning: Article 4 direction; TSG: £78,000 allocated
1986A Feb 1986 Crime: Neighbourhood Watch; Planning: Clement Attlee Statue in Mile End Park; Planning: Forkhurst Site plans 12 flats and 3-bed house; Planning: GLC commits £200,000 to MEOT improvements; Planning: Old Coach House; TSG: £5k saving loses £10k grant
1985C Nov 1985 Grants: £50,000 for railings, street lamps, litter bins, trees?; Home Improvement Grants; Neighbourhood Watch; Trees: Good & Bad!; TSG: Improvement delays
1985B May 1985 Dogs; Forkhurst Site; Heritage: Buttermilk Stucco; Holy Trinity Church: Emergency Repairs; Housing Grants; Pavement Complaints; Refuse Collections
1985A Feb 1985 Holy Trinity Church: Now closed for worship, housing?; Planning: Commercial Sites; Planning: Tredegar Mews; Police Horse falls in Lichfield
1984F Oct 1984 Dr Barnardo's Boys Home; Grants: GLC Funding Issues; Heritage of Tower Hamlets; Planning: Five Mews Cottages for 11A College Terrace site; Trees; TSG: Public Meeting and Designs
1984E Aug 1984 TSG: £15k funding for gardens
1984D June 1984 Dr Barnardo's move into 27-28 Tred Sq; Grants: Railings; People: Michael Cashman resigns; Planning: Buttermilk is the agreed colour!; Planning: Kipper Project for 16 young homeless move into 417 and 419 Mile End Rd
1984C May 1984 Barnardo's move into Upton House; History: Coborn Road: aka Cut Throat Lane; Dog Poo; MEOTRA Supports GLC; Planning: Kipper Project, 427 and 429 Mile End Rd
1984B Feb 1984 Event: MEOTRA Exhibition on plans and grants
1984A Jan 1984 Bow Traffic Plan - 40 years before Liveable Streets!; Planning: £190k Grants from A.I.M/GLC; Planning: Cinema Sold on Bow Rd - rumours of office block and 24 maisonettes; Planning: MEOTRA gets CA extended to Grove Rd instead of Rhondda Gr; Planning: New houses on corner of Lichfield and Grove Roads; Planning: TSG to get £15k refurb
1983D Aug 1983 One sheet newsletter: Poor response Notice!
1983C July 1983 Planning: GLC to build 6 houses on Lichfield/Grove corner; Planning: Grants for railings and stucco repairs and temporary parks
1983B June 1983 Planning: AIM Action Area - £200k for MEOT improvements; Planning: MEOTRA gets all copies of all local planning applications
1983A April 1983 History: Mile End Old Town (MEOT)
1976B May 1976 Lucky Draw: £5 Prize; Planning: Aberavon Rd; Planning: Empty Houses & Squatters, 12 Tredegar Terrace empty for 14 years; Planning: Tredegar Terrace, paper processing plant; Planning: Trees; Reducing Teenage Unemployment
1976A March 1976 Convert vacant sites to gardens whilst long planning processes take place; Planning: Coopers School Site Shambles: Houses threatened with demolition; Prefabs in Rhondda Grove and Tredegar Sq; TSG: Playground in disrepair
1975A June 1975 Planning: Cooper's Site - MEOTRA fights demolition of 50 houses for playground; Planning: MEOTRA prepares plans to improve Aberavon Rd houses; TSG: First MEOTRA Festival - Punch & Judy, disco, Indian dancing
1974A Dec 1974 Planning: Aberavon Rd Slum Clearance; Planning: Alloway Rd Slum Clearance; Planning: Cooper's School; Social Night

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