Sunday 7 August 2022

Roman Road and Bow Neighbourhood Plan moves to a Local Referendum


Map showing the MEOTRA and Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Planning areas

After six and a half years the Tower Hamlets Council Cabinet has agreed that the Roman Road and Bow Neighbourhood Plan can move to a referendum. This is a major achievement for our Bow community in making its voice heard in local planning issues.

The referendum will take place on Thursday 13th October 2022.

Everyone who is a registered voter in the plan area will be able to vote on the plan on 13th October. If a majority vote in favour, the plan will be adopted by the Council and used to determine planning applications over the coming years.

The electoral services team of Tower Hamlets Council will organise the referendum, and MEOTRA, which has been involved in the process since the outset, will pass on further details as they are known.

You can read the Examiner's Final Report here.

Help to get the neighbourhood forum reapproved.

The local body responsible for the plan is the neighbourhood forum, which was formally approved on 16th August 2017 by the Council cabinet. Approval expires after 5 years and so the forum needs to apply again to be approved as a neighbourhood forum. The neighbourhood planning application form is required to provide the names, post code and 'interests and relevant background' of 21 people who live, work or are  elected representatives in the plan area.

The forum need your help with this application, and if you are willing for your name to be on the form, please do send them a short email with your name, post code and just a word or two about yourself e.g. 'long-term resident', 'local parent', 'care about Bow'.

It would help us if you can respond as soon as possible so they can submit the form to the Council. Email address to provide your details: