Tuesday 23 November 2021

Street Cleaning Issues - Use the LYN App to report concerns


Too common a site: An overflowing litter bin on Grove road
Two weeks without emptying

Lately, our streets have not been in a good way. 

Musa, our energetic broom-spinning street cleaner, who many residents thought was off sick, was in fact relocated to Bethnal Green.

So who took over from Musa? No one as far as we can tell. The open-backed caged trucks were supposed to empty the street bins daily, but that hasn't happened.

MEOTRA have emailed the Mayor and local councillors, and indeed within two minutes the matter was brought up at the council's monthly Overview and Scrutiny Committee Meeting. You can watch a recording online if you really are that interested (from 36.30 mins in with the MEOTRA bit at 1hr:44mins). The section on recycling, litter, street cleaning is around 2 hours and 15 minutes long. 

Mayor Biggs has also replied and assured us that keeping our streets ship-shape is a priority.

Just a reminder, the easiest way to report just about ANY issue in Tower Hamlets is to use the council's Love Your Neighbourhood (LYN) mobile phone app. Take a photo, pick a category and send the report in under a minute (it knows where the issue is using your phone's GPS).

There are LYN versions for both android and the iPhone, just click on the appropriate image below:

 You can also report common street cleaning issues using the following forms:

Strangely, having managed to get the issue raised on-the-fly at 8.30 last night in a council meeting, Musa has returned to our streets this morning 🎉🎉🎉 What a coincidence 🤔? We are going to follow this up with his boss and establish why our streets were left upswept and street bins unemptied.

Musa cleaning Grove Road, Bow
Normality returns to the 'hood

Six huge bags filled, ties laces and carries on

A pile of black bin bags in Grove Road
Even the graffiti is disgusted


Thursday 11 November 2021

MEOTRA Carols in the Square Returns - Sunday 19th December, 5PM

 Meotra residents singing carols in Tredegar Square by torchlight

We are pleased to announce the return of the Meotra Carols in the Square on Sunday 19th December at 5PM in Tredegar Square.

Last year a singular "doorstep carol" replaced the traditional arrangement due to the essential pandemic restrictions, but this Christmas we are close to getting the all clear from Tower Hamlets Council.

A big thank you to Margaret Winniak for undertaking the Herculean task of completing the council's risk assessment procedures. Although it looks like we won't have to sip mulled wine through (individual) straws and double glove to munch on a minced pie, there will be some safety precautions*.

So please put the time and date in your diary, and let's all look forward to a cracking carols with friends old and new, young and old.

*We may have to sing in family bubbles all in a large circle facing a central cross painted on the floor! More of that in another post/newsletter.

Jingle toes

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Light the HAC Event, Morgan St, Saturday 13th November 2021 18.00-21.00

Interior of the HAC lit up with liquid light of many colours and shapes

The Heritage and Arts Centre (The HAC) is a newly formed, community focused space dedicated to facilitating heritage and arts events within the restored Holy Trinity Bow Church on Morgan Street.

This Saturday artists  @heena_song_  @julian_hand  @dylan.glanz @whytelightvisuals will employ liquid light, interactive live visual projections and ambient sound to transform this interior space. This multi-sensory light and sound installation is for one night only as a fundraiser for this emerging venue. 

Tickets are £10 and are available from Eventbrite

Some of you will have noted that MEOTRA resident Alice Sielle has her book launch earlier (5PM) the same night, but it shouldn't be too difficult to combine the two and still have time for a beer in the Lord Tredegar afterwards.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Alice Sielle- Stations of the Cross book launch


Alice Sielle's pencil drawing of the Crown of Thorns

Local artist and MEOTRA stalwart Alice Sielle invites MEOTRA residents along to celebrate the publication of "The Stations of the Cross" at St Barnabas Church, Grove Road, London E3 5TG on Saturday 13th November from 5.00-7.00pm

It is a hardback book (12x12", 30x30cm) with 14 lino prints by Alice and an introduction by Rev Brian Ralph

Special introductory offer on the night £20 (RRP £25)