Monday 21 September 2015

Guest Blog: Cllr Josh Peck with some news on CS2U

Grove Road stacked up with the CS2U building materials

(This week is a guest blog from Cllr Josh Peck reporting back on a recent meeting he had regarding the CS2U works). Over to Josh:

Last week I meet TfL, the Highways Agency and Council Highways officers on Mile End Road to look at the various problems that the CS2 works – and their poor planning and delivery – are causing.

We made some progress. They agreed that the banned right-hand turn on Burdett Road to Mile End Road would be reviewed after it’s been operational for a time, to understand what the impact has been on side roads and rat runs. Many local residents objected to this and, once the roadworks have been finished, we need a serious look at whether these concerns have been borne out.

Residents have also raised concerns about the removal of the central reservation, which is now allowing cars to cross the road at various points, making the road more dangerous for cyclists. The road is not wide enough to reinstate the central reservation or even put in wands but they did agree to get signage up (and indeed have already done so) and tell me they will soon start enforcing by CCTV – be warned!

We discussed the long tailbacks from the Burdett Road lights, making it dangerous for pedestrians having to weave through stationary traffic outside the tube. They say that the roadworks will be finished here in the next two to three weeks and at that point the permanent lights will take effect. After about a month for them to ‘learn’ the traffic patterns, they assure me that the traffic flow should improve dramatically and that it is their intention that traffic won’t queue through the tube crossing any more.

We discussed the long queues up Grove Road, and the impacts on Roman Road and Old Ford Road. Once the main lights are in place, they will fit sensors up Grove and elsewhere, which will allow them to monitor queues and adjust the lights accordingly. They were confident this should quickly start to improve things.

Finally they said they’re looking at the very bumpy surface to the CS2 lane and I also asked them to deal with the pooling that happens on the tube crossing whenever it rains, forcing people to step out into the road to get round it.

All in all a positive meeting and we should start to see a difference in the next couple of weeks. If not, I’ll go back to them. As ever, please email me on with any issues