Friday 15 March 2024

MEOTRA has a new website at MEOTRA.ORG has been posting articles since 2013.
Two hundred and ninety six articles later,
It has been supplanted by MEOTRA.ORG

The archived articles within the pages allow a peek into the lives and goings on around these 13 streets over a 10-year period. This site also contains some 140 newsletters dating back to MEOTRA's formation in 1974. That's 50 years of local history at your fingertips.

To look at old blog articles, search using the search bar (top left), or graze the word cloud below this post.

The digital versions of the newsletters are not searchable PDFs, but the contents of all 140 have been manually indexed (a labour of love if ever there was one). This index is on the newsletter archive page.

And don't forget to head over to the new website 

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