Thursday 10 November 2022

Q&A about the A&E at the Royal London Hospital - Thursday 10th November 6.30-8 near York Hall

This Thursday night there is a chance to learn and ask questions about the Royal London Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department. 

The event takes place at Mayhew House in Bethnal Green which is next door to York Hall. It is on the D6 route. If travelling by tube it is about 5 minutes walk north of Bethnal Green Tube in the old council Music Library and Launderette.

If you are unable to attend then please email us and we will try and ask any questions you have.

About Mayfield House

Built in 1964 this six-storeyed block is famous for housing one of London's first coin-operated laundries, and is featured in the Streets video for Dry Your Eyes.

The glass structure on the end used to house the borough of Bethnal Green's music library with an adjoining recital room.

One assumes the launderette's 800rpm spin cycles didn't interfere with the library records' 33/45rpms or the recitals? Anyone ever visit whilst it was open?

Dry Your Sheets Mate

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