Wednesday 12 October 2022

Use Your Vote This Thursday


Historica photo of George Lansbury (leader of the Labour Party in the 1930s) surrounded by local East End children

Yesterday Hollywood legend Dame Angela Lansbury died at the age of 96. She had strong roots in the East End via her grandfather George Lansbury the politician and social reformer who lived in Bow Road. He was leader of the Labour Party from 1932 to 1935; served the East End community for many years in various elected roles, and was jailed twice for his political beliefs. He, together with his wife and family, was a strong supporter of women's rights.

Dame Angela was tremendously proud of her ancestors' contributions to women's suffrage.

The Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Neighbourhood Forum Flyer

Today (Thursday) sees the people of Bow going to the polls to vote in a referendum on whether we should adopt the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan. MEOTRA have been involved with shaping the plan since the outset with many of our residents attending their meetings and workshops.

If you’ve misplaced your polling card, do not fear, the card itself is not required at the polling station. Simply give your name and address and this will be looked up by the officers present. No ID is needed.

Traditionally these local votes have poor turn outs. Let's see if we can go some way to bump that trend. The polling station for most of us is at the Epainos Church in Lichfield Road, E3 5AT; although for some residents it may be Malmesbury Primary School, Coborn Street, E3 2AB.

This twitter thread by former Isle of Dogs councillor Andrew Wood gives a pretty neutral take on the pros and cons of supporting the referendum. 


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