Friday 27 April 2018

Local Elections - Bow West candidates reply to MEOTRA's concerns

Copy of MEOTRA's letter to local election candidates
Excerpt from Meotra letter

You may remember that the MEOTRA committee wrote to all the Bow West local election candidates a couple of weeks ago (see here for the post and here for the letter) and asked them what they would do, if elected, to deal with a range of local pollution, traffic and rat-running issues that affect us in our part of Bow West..

We have now had detailed replies from three of the parties: the Greens, Labour and the Lib Dems. It is good to see that these three parties have all given detailed and knowledgeable responses that are broadly in line with one another.

Additionally, they have each put forward some new ideas too (such as partially blocking off part of Antill to stop the St Stephen's Road to Grove Road rat run; introducing a workplace parking levy; enforce the 20mph speed limit through speed cameras and ANPR).

The replies can be found here:

The Green Party
The Labour Party
The Liberal Democrats

We have had no replies from the other parties.

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