Thursday 8 April 2021

Mile End Park - User survey


Mile End and Mile End Park mean different things to different people. Agustin Kafka has made a heart-warming song and video dedicated to Mile End based on Wings' "My Love". It features lots of local scenes including Clinton, Lichfield and Alloway Road and Morgan Street and there is some excellent air guitar.

[If you are reading this on a mobile then you won't see the video above so here's the link to it].

The Friends of Mile End Park want to know what you think of the Park. You can write a song and shoot a video if you want, but you will find it quicker to complete this short survey instead.

Let them know what you like and dislike and any ideas to improve the park. The survey results will be fed back to the Park Management Team to inform how the park is managed and your responses will help shape the Friends priorities and activities as we all emerge from lockdown this Spring.

An added incentive..... a COVID-compliant meal (ie sitting outside!) for two at the Greedy Cow. (If you want to enter the draw for the meal then please include your email at the end of the survey).

If you want to enter the Prize Draw please complete the survey by midnight on the 16th April

The Art Pavilion's resident Egyptian Geese watch locals as they get their Pfizer jabs
[A] Bird Watching Pfizer Jabbing

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