Tuesday 13 April 2021

Your chance to influence Police Priorities in Bow West


Safer Neighbourhood Team

Every three months the police in Bow West meet with local residents and community leaders to help decide local policing priorities at a Ward Panel Meeting. The meeting is community led and chaired by a local [MEOTRA] resident.

We have a meeting coming up in a few weeks and PC Sam Lowe 1901CE, who is part of the Bow West Safer Neighbourhood Team, is keen for residents to take just a couple of minutes to complete a survey regarding Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and crime within our area:


The survey helps choose the local priorities for the next three months. It is anonymous and really does only take a few minutes.

The other members of our Safer Neighbourhood Team are: PCSO Alex Adolphe, Police Sergeants Mohammed Rahman and Clare Thomas, and Police Constables Jack Green and Sam Lowe. 

You can look at recent Bow West crime data on the Met's website. The February stats are below:

A grapg comparing Bow West, London and UK crime figures

A heat map showing Bow West's harassment hotspots

A heat map showing Bow West's miscellaneous theft hotspots

A heat map showing Bow West's vehicle theft hotspots

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