Sunday 10 July 2022

Petition to keep the Antill Road Vehicle Filter

 Montage photo of Antill Road, E3

Please sign this petition on the council's website if you would like to keep the Antill Road Scheme which is locally popular:

Sign to Keep the Antill Road vehicle filter

Many residents of Antill Road and surrounding streets, welcome the vehicle filter which has been a great success by:
(i) dramatically reducing the vehicle traffic rat running down the street.
(ii) reducing pollution resulting in much cleaner air.
(iii) making walking, scooting and cycling safer and more welcoming.
(iv) making it safer for children to cross the road.

What is this to do with us in MEOTRA?

  • Antill Road is literally just the other side of the tracks to us and they need their neighbours' support.
  • The rat runners pass through the Coborn Road Bridge and this affects us directly.
  • Meotra parents walking their kids to Malmesbury/Olga and Chisenhale Schools have noticed an improvement.
  • The council say they are reversing the road closure - but it isn't closed: ALL EMERGENCY VEHICLES CAN DRIVE DOWN ANTILL ROAD WITHOUT ANY OBSTRUCTIONS. Don't let them make you think otherwise!
  • What a waste of money to rip it out within a couple of months. Will TfL ever give the borough a grant again?
Below are some maps showing the rat run used by out of borough vehicles driving in on the A11/A12 of a morning. They rat-run along Alfred Street, Malmesbury Road and Coborn and then along Antill in order to by pass the Mile End/Grove Road Junction.
Some coming via the A12 along Tredegar Road even do a U-eey at the Coborn railway Bridge to circumvent the no right turn into Coborn from Tredegar Road.

These two rat runs have caused Coborn Road to become quite an accident spot. (That is an article for another day).

What is there not to like about the existing scheme?
Well those wanting an exemption have to pay £20 per year. Some have an issue with that. I guess all borough residents could be given free access to all these ANPR-controlled routes? But why should residents who don't drive subsidise drivers?

How else can you help?
Please circulate the petition info to WhatsApp groups you belong to (perhaps from your local schools etc).

Below are some roughly put together route maps (thanks Google traffic) that illustrate some of the routes.

The classic dog-leg need to get to Hackney/Bethnal Green/ Old Street and beyond of a morning having come along the A11:
Map showing the regular route from the Blackwall tunnel to Bethnal Green

The Alfred Street-Malmesbury-Coborn/Antill Zig Zag which by-passes that pesky Mile End Junction:

Map showing rat-run used by vehicles to avoid the Mile End Road traffic lights

The sneaky avoid the "No Right from Tredegar Road" U turn:

Map showing the sneaky U turn used to avoid a traffic camera at the end of Tredegar Road.

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