Tuesday 5 July 2022

Antill Road - Removal of [short-lived] closure scheme

 Photo of a traffic-free Antill Road, E3

Today many MEOTRA residents received a letter from Tower Hamlets Council stating that the Antill Road closure is to be removed on 18th July 2022. Less than four months after it went live. (a copy of the letter is below)

You may remember getting the scheme up and running has been quite a journey (see and Making a Mountain out of Antill and Liveable Streets - Antill Road Exception Scheme). It never ends.

So we have a new Mayor and his manifesto includes some admirable pledges:

  1. Work with the Mayor of London to tackle air pollution in Tower Hamlets.
  2. Only introduce traffic reduction measures through consultation with, and by the consent of the people of this borough.
  3. Reopen our roads, and abolish the failed Liveable Streets scheme, which has seen emergency services and vulnerable residents' access blocked.
  4. Monitor the effectiveness and safety of cycle lanes, such as on Bow Road.
  5. Avoid penalising those in our community who drive, who in many cases are not responsible for the bulk of air pollution.

But the letter we have received isn't consultation?  It is just stating what is going to be done. 

The emergency vehicles are not inconvenienced by this scheme at all. - There are none of those notorious road-blocking planters. It seems it is being ripped out just because the Liveable Streets/LTN brand is toxic.

I have requested a copy of the paperwork relating to the review that was carried out. 

MEOTRA would very much like to hear what you think of the changes. Please take a couple of minutes to complete a very short online form. It might well be the thing has driven you mad or you've found it helpful. Please let us know.

A copy of the letter is below.

Copy of the letter received by local residents indicating the ANPR traffic cameras are to be removed.

A technical drawing of the planned changes to remove the Antill Road traffic reduction layout.

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