Monday 31 January 2022

Please Feedback: Litter/Street Cleanliness Concerns


Photo montage illustrating numerous street-cleaning issues within the MEOTRA area
Every Litter Helps?

MEOTRA have a meeting with the council on Wednesday morning about various street cleaning issues in the area:

  • NOX cannisters in Tredegar Square
  • No recycling bin bags distributed for ages
  • Street bins overflowing, moving over to "big-belly" bins in problem areas
  • Ongoing issues with Onyz House Eurobins not being put back and often left in the road
  • Issues reported via the LYN app (on Android or iPhone) being "closed" without the problems resolved (e.g the orange barriers have been around a hole on Mile End Road for months)
  • Siting Eurobins on Grove Road at the southern end where all the shops are

Please let us know if there are any "street" issues you'd like us to add to the list and we'll pass them on.


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