Sunday 13 December 2020

Bow West Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter & Survey


Link to the Bow West Metropolitan Police's latest newsletter.

Attached is the recent Bow West SNT newsletter which summarises what's been happening across Bow West lately. It details the number and type of crimes in our area as well as in the borough as a whole, lists the Ward Priorities and contains the various ways you can report crime or concerns.

The Team hold regular ward panel meetings where the Ward Priorities are discussed (currently ASB and drug use in Newport House, Strahan Road; and ASB and group gathering on Guerin Square, Malmesbury Estate). These priorities are often chosen based of reporting concerns through and this shows the importance of reporting crime or issues that concern you.

There is also a short survey for Bow West residents to fill out (it only takes a couple of minutes honest!) regarding crime in our area. If you have two minutes then please do fill it out. Let's face it there is little else to do these days :) 

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