Saturday 31 March 2018

Tredegar Square Conservation Area - to be gated. [APRIL FOOL's DAY!]

An original sketch of the historic Mile End toll gate
Mile End Gate; London’s last major turnpike.
Some 152 years after Mile End Gate ceased collecting toll money plans are afoot to return gates to Mile End.

Following consultations with both residents and businesses, Bow Neighbourhood propose turning the Tredegar Square Conservation Area into a gated development utilising legislation contained within the Localism Act. This will reduce crime, as well as air, traffic and noise pollution. 

For the past few years, residents have become increasingly frustrated by the use of their once quiet roads as cut-throughs for vehicles trying to circumvent heavy traffic on the A11. This has become especially pronounced since the Cycle Superhighway No. 2 upgrades with cars racing along streets such as Aberavon and Lichfield Roads and Morgan Street. Coaches have even attempted using these totally unsuitable roads as shortcuts with one being forced to reverse the entire length of Aberavon Road. These proposals will reduce traffic.

Residents are also keen to reduce the number of vehicles that pull up in side roads near Mile End Station and leave their engines running whilst waiting to pick up commuters exiting the station. It has been noted that residents of other parts of Bow West use the streets in the vicinity of the station as a kind of free Park and Ride. They drive from areas such as Chisenhale Road in the morning, park up in Aberavon Road and continue their commute via tube. Residents noted how quiet the roads were whilst they were closed for resurfacing with one resident saying "It is like the London of my youth".

Air (and traffic) pollution will also be significantly reduced.

Whilst all of the above could likely be achieved through the modification of local road design (e.g. making all the Conservation Area's roads onto Mile End Road one way), the gating of the area will also substantially reduce criminal activity, especially burglaries. And children will be able to play in the streets again.

The scheme itself is remarkably simple and consists of:

  1. Four pedestrian gates (one at each end of Lichfield Road and Morgan Street)
  2. Three combined pedestrian and vehicle gates (at the southern end of Aberavon Road, Rhondda Grove and Tredegar Square)

An annotated map showing the simple street closures used to create the gated development.
The three vehicle gates are proposed to operate using number plate recognition cameras for residents; whilst visitors and service vehicles will have entry cards available from Ye Olde Corner Shoppe. These vehicle gates will be set back from Mile End Road so as to reduce the impact on A11 traffic.

The pedestrian gates will utilise contactless cards (akin to TfL Oyster cards).

Residents will benefit from significant reductions in their household and vehicle insurance (ca. 25-35%). The scheme will be paid for via this saving, as well as using income generated via charges to tradesmen and businesses (such as Gateway Housing) parking in the area. The scheme will also lead to a very useful rise in the value of property prices in the area.

In order for the scheme to go ahead, it will require a simple majority of residents to vote in favour of the scheme. Details of timings of this referendum can be found on the council planning website or by emailing

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