Sunday 16 August 2015

News about the CS2 Upgrade - Traffic, Trees & Trash. Part I: Traffic

Annotated map showing  showing changes to disruption levels as cycle superhighway construction continues

As we move from August to September the disruption within the MEOTRA area due to the construction phase of the CS2 upgrade should start to ease considerably as illustrated above. Although the Bow Church side of MEOTRA will remain busier than usual, the 2am traffic jams in Grove Road should be a thing of the past.

MEOTRA have written to TfL about the unacceptable levels of traffic, in particular those in Grove Road, and requested southbound traffic is given more than the current quota of 12 in every 120 seconds. (Timing light changes whilst waiting for my Greedy Cow burger is a new pastime).  

Some of you may have noticed or had a letter about the new road surface in Burdett Road. This new surface is great, and perhaps laying it is a sign the messy phase of the Crossrail works is complete? In any case, MEOTRA have written to TfL and asked about getting Grove Road resurfaced as sections of it form a significant hazard to road users especially cyclists. The poor surface is also very noisy, especially when wet.

The Texaco Garage Grove Road
A rare traffic-free moment in Grove Road. The silence broken by bouncing buggies and boisterous babies.
The increased traffic  has obviously affected the timings and waiting times for buses and MEOTRA have requested seating at the bus stop in the southern end of Grove Road next to the sign shop/ sweet shop. Additionally we have asked for northbound D7 buses to terminate north of Mile End Road to better link with other routes (e.g. 425 and 339).

Removal of the A11 Central Reservation near Tredegar Square
Residents are concerned that the removal of a section of Mile End Road's central reservation will allow a right turn from Mile End Road into Tredegar Square, and from Mile End Road into Southern Grove (see below).
Detail from TfL map showing the layout at the Mile End/Tredegar Square junction
Both of these turns were prohibited turns prior to the CS2 upgrade works and TfL have confirmed the restrictions will remain in place once the scheme is complete. TfL acknowledge that the removal of the traffic island has 'physically' made these turning movements possible, and that a number of drivers are choosing to make the turns.

One MEOTRA resident has put a lot of effort into proposing various solutions such as reduced width central barriers, but TfL remain adamant that the road is too narrow at this point for even the slimmest of central barriers.

TfL are working with the LBTH to amend the existing traffic orders, ensuring these restrictions can be enforced. They will also install signage at these junctions to ensure the right turn restrictions are understood by all road users and are currently looking at suitable locations for CCTV enforcement cameras.

(The next post will focus on the felling of trees along the route).

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