Saturday 5 August 2023

Biodiversity in Tredegar Square - share you thoughts

A while back we sent a survey to get your thoughts on how to improve Tredegar Square Gardens. As well as the usual frustrations about broken benches and litter, there was an overwhelming desire to improve biodiversity in the gardens. 

Thanks to the cooperation of the council and the great insight of the TH biodiversity officer, we're really excited that Trees for Cities have chosen to get involved with the project. From better planting, more bulbs and a mini orchard, there'll be some beautiful changes that will provide joy to all locals - humans and wildlife alike. 

You can see the proposals here and share your thoughts. In particular what type of fruit trees you'd most like to see in the mini-orchard. 

Tredegar Square Gardens through the last 40 or so years

The Square has had some redesigns over the years (see this from 1984 and this from 1995). It used to be all tarmaced in the middle as the photo below shows.

Can anyone work out when this was? Perhaps your old car?

So don't forget to have a quick look at the draft plans for this October's biodiversity improvements and let Trees for Cities know your thoughts. Of course you can let the committee know too via

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