Saturday 4 March 2023

4 days left to respond! New Tower Hamlets Local Plan Engagement

Local Plan Tower Hamlets

There are just 4 days left to respond to Tower Hamlets Council's Local Plan Early Engagement.

This early engagement is the start of the discussion which will support the production of a new Local Plan. Your input is a valuable part of the preparation process for and will inform the development of new policies to help shape the future of the places we live.The engagement document runs to some 96 pages, but has lots of photos and you can get through he whole thing in about an hour, alternatively use the StoryMap link below.

There are three key ways to get involved:
  1. View the interactive StoryMap platform which goes through each policy theme and provides an opportunity for comments on each.
  2. Complete the online survey
  3. Provide written comments to the council by email to or by post to Strategic Planning Team, Tower Hamlets Town Hall, 160 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1BJ
Of these I found the StoryMap the easiest. You just go to that website and scroll through and it asks questions along the way.  IMPORTANTLY  you don't have to complete every section. I'd suggest you read the first five sections to get the overall guist (see 1-5 below), and then skip to the sections you feel most strongly about.

The process involves these subheadings:
  1. About this StoryMap
  2. What is a Local Plan?
  3. Local Plan process
  4. Vision
  5. Context
  6. Homes for the future
  7. Employment and economic growth
  8. People, places and spaces
  9. Clean and green future
  10. Town centres
  11. Community infrastructure
  12. Biodiversity and open spaces
  13. Movement and connectivity
  14. Reuse, recycling and waste
  15. Delivering the Local Plan Vision 
  16. Site allocations

The Tower Hamlets Local Plan Road Map

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