Sunday 12 December 2021

Cheering up Tredegar Square Gardens - Lots achieved, but more to do next Saturday 18th December?

MEOTRA Residents planting bulbs in Tredegar Square

Many thanks to all those who came along on Saturday to plant up some of the Square's borders. We managed to plant the following in the south east border:

  • 48 Geranium Cranesbills "Johnson's Blue"
  • 50 Allium "Summer Dancer"
  • 25 Allium nigrum

In the rose bed at the northern end:

  • 8 lavender
  • 8 rosemary
  • 250 hyacinth
In the north-western bed:
  • 8 mahonia
Thanks again to Cheryl and family for negotiating the partially flooded rose bed; Olivier from Rhondda Grove in particular for all the fetching and carrying on Friday and manning the drill; Jean-Fran├žois from Lichfield Road who managed to do lots of strenuous planting despite having to keep checking his wife hadn't gone into labour::"I've got time to plant a few more mahonia"; Diana for negotiating the locked gate and planting all those alliums; Steph and Chris from Aberavon Road for the encouragement.
"I can't wait till we move in and get to bring out tea and biscuits" Cheryl who has yet to officially move in to her house on the Square.

Saturday 18th December - "Once more unto the [borders] dear friends"

We have something like  500 tulips. hyacinths and daffs (some lovely "special" varieties) still to plant. Please pencil in this Saturday for what will be the last planting session of the year. Any bulbs left over you can have - there are some lovely varieties

A photo of the Tredegar Square plant bed in need of some TLC

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