Friday 16 August 2019

37 Pubs Saved in Tower Hamlets

The mural adorning the side of the Lord Morpeth Pub
Lord Morpeth, Old Ford Road

Over the last 300 years or so the East End has welcomed successive waves of immigrants,  whether that be the french-speaking Huguenots in the 18th Century, the Jewish immigrants of the mid-19th Century, the Bangladeshis in the 20th Century or indeed the largely unacknowledged wave of Italians of the past decade.

One feature of our urban landscape that has existed throughout most of this time is the East End Boozer.

Our pubs have tried to evolve to keep the punters coming in: Sky Sports; Pub Quizzes; free roast potatoes at the bar of a Sunday have been replaced by all manner of Sunday Roasts. Some have lost the fight and been converted into curry houses, one or two afghani restaurants, burger or pizza joints or converted into flats (many still adorned with glazed tiles embossed with the brewery logos of Toby, Whitebread, Truman, Charrington or some other soon to be forgotten name).

Tower Hamlets Council have recently recognised the social significance of some 37 of our pubs and awarded them with locally listed status which offers some protection against development. The pubs were listed for the following criteria:

  • Local character and distinctiveness
  • Architectural significance
  • Historical significance
  • Artistic significance
  • Age, rarity and integrity
  • Social significance

The Morgan Arms, Lord Tredegar or Coborn Arms which all lie within MEOTRA don't feature for some reason? Neither do the nearby Palm Tree or Victoria or the recently boarded up New Globe. Perhaps the Greedy Cow (formerly the Prince of Wales) which serves as good a beer as many locals and has a formidable range or spirits should be on the list? What do you think should they be added - email and let us know. 

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