Friday 27 July 2018

A Meeting with our local councillors: Asma Begum and Val Whitehead

Photo of Asma Begum and Val Whitehead
Cllrs Asma Begum and Val Whitehead

Recently the MEOTRA committee had a wide-ranging meeting with Asma Begum and Val Whitehead our local Bow West councillors. A large number of hyperlocal issues were discussed including:
  1. Traffic calming plans for Harley Grove
  2. “Benjy’s Towers”
  3. Rat running
  4. Through traffic 
  5. Speed bumps in Clinton Road
  6. Idling vehicles
  7. U-turns in Mile End and Grove Roads
  8. Mile End Junction
  9. Increased bus and coach traffic
  10. Cycling – Cycle parking; the new Hackney to Isle of Dogs Superhighway
  11. Pollution -both air and noise

Reading that lot back it shows how dominant traffic and planning are in our thoughts about the neighbourhood. MEOTRA are concerned that planners (and that includes TfL as well as LBTH) are not adopting a holistic approach to planning.

Over the next week or so this website will be looking at most of these issues in a series of articles. As ever, please feel free to email if you wish to add to the discussion and I will circulate it to the other committee members.

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