Friday 11 August 2017

B2 Area Parking Consultation

A painting of the Regents Canal by Victoria PArk
Idyllic view or double-parking hotspot with boaters leaving their high emission engines running?
Tower Hamlets Council are currently conducting an informal consultation on parking within our B2 area. Hopefully you will have received a consultation form in the post. If you haven't don't worry - they are being sent out in batches.

MEOTRA have had emails and feedback from several residents and I think everyone agrees the form is very poorly designed. Some of the questions make as much sense if you read them backwards as forwards!

We have noticed that the form only presents consultees with three options, ALL of which amount to increasing restrictions. There is no option to keep things as they are. If you want to keep the status quo then don't feel as though you have to tick one of the three options. Just scratch out the three choices and write in the Section 4 comments section that you don't want a change. Hopefully you have neater handwriting than me ;)

A photo of the parking consultation letter

There has already been quite a bit of discussion on the Tredegar Square Next Door website about the letter. It transpires the consultation has been carried out largely as a result of increased parking issues in the Fairfield Road area (see the FCARA website for more info). Councillors understand that adjustments need to be made on some streets, but will not be implementing any blanket changes across the whole B2 area as the consultation suggests. Ultimately it is a political decision, not one made by council officers.

It really does stick out what a dog's dinner the consultation is. Take the opening paragraph:
"Tower Hamlets on-street team can help motorists save time and money, while also contributing to more attractive neighbourhoods. Unrestricted parking leads to congestion, obstructions and space being taken up often by non-local users".
 which roughly translates as:
"We, the on-street team, are the local motorist's friend and don't like those pesky inroaders who come and take your parking spots".
"Our" on-street team seem to have been living under a rock. The letter and consultation show no understanding of what it is like to live in our area in a car-free development such as Tutelage Court or be one of the many locals who don't own a car. We [yep I'm one of them], do once in a blue moon need to use a ZipVan or persuade a friend to help drop stuff off to the tip or pop to Ikea for another Billy Bookcase. These are weekend things. I don't want to have to go on NextDoor to beg for a scratchcard because mine expired last week, or the roofer used them up when he came after that July flash flood.

The council need to realise car-free developments aren't 100% car-free - it isn't that simple. The proposed 46-apartment development on Benjy's website (aka Benjy's Tower) has ONE car parking space (designated disabled) and relies on ALL service vehicles parking on the existing Burdett Road lay-by.

MEOTRA will be writing to the council regarding this consultation so please do feel free to let us know via any points you would like us to raise.

The CEO of Zipcar speaking at their launch in Tower Hamlets

The closing date for the consultation is the 8th of September

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