Monday 13 February 2017

Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee Open Meeting - Tuesday 14th Feb - 7.30PM

Tuesday 14th February: Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee meeting

Tomorrow night there is a meeting of the Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee at the Art Pavilion behind the Grove Road Texaco Garage. It is an OPEN meeting. Here's the info:
"Come and meet the Neighbourhood Forum’s Steering Committee members and see one of the committee’s monthly meetings in action on Tuesday 14th February. On the agenda will be planned communication activity for 2017, as well as updates on the organisation of next Forum General Meeting being organised on Saturday 25th March. Feel free to pitch in at any time. At the end of the meeting the Steering Committee will open up to a general Q&A about the Neighbourhood Plan process."
At the last MEOTRA committee meeting, a few weeks ago, a couple of the Roman Road steering committee members came along. We had detailed discussions about the pros and cons of the neighbourhood plan from a MEOTRA point of view. Tomorrow is an opportunity for MEOTRA residents to meet all the steering committee and hear firsthand about the neighbourhood plan.

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