Thursday 16 February 2017

"Benjy's Towers" Refused Planning Permission.

An architect's impression of the "Benjy's Towers" scheme as seen from Burdett Road.

Tonight at Tower Hamlets Council's Strategic Planning Committee, the application to build a 15-storey tower block on the site of the former Benjy's nightclub was REFUSED unanimously (6-0) going against the recommendation of the council officers to grant permission.

The committee had many concerns including: the height being inappropriate for the area; the loss of the Backstreet Club that has existed for 30-odd years on the site (why hadn't the developer incorporated the club into the design was mentioned more than once); TfL had concerns that the tube lines running beneath would be endangered; the density of accommodation being over double that usual for a neighbourhood centre; worries that the retail space would not be let; the inappropriateness of having housing near an area with such high pollution levels; the average quality of the design.

Three members of the public spoke in opposition to the application (a Backstreet regular, an Antill Road resident and an Aberavon Road resident) as well as Cllrs David Edgar (Mile End) and Peter Golds (Island Gardens).

Many thanks to everyone for writing letters of objection. They really did make a difference.

The MEOTRA campaign has made page two of this week's East End Advertiser too.

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