Wednesday 10 June 2015

Don't Forget to Vote Tomorrow!

Lately the blog has been a bit overly "campaigning" with regard to the CS2 Upgrade. We try to be apolitical at MEOTRA, but I think most of you won't mind me reminding you to vote. You can find all the info about the election on the council website. Taken from the council site:

How to cast your votes
At this election you have two votes. Vote once in column one for your first choice candidate and once in column two for your second choice candidate.You do not have to cast a second choice vote, but you must cast a first choice vote or your ballot paper will not be counted.If you vote for the same candidate twice, your second choice vote will not be counted.
 How the votes for Mayor will be counted
The count will take place on Thursday, 11 June, following the close of poll at 10pm.
If one candidate gets more than 50% of the first-choice votes, he or she will be elected as Mayor of Tower Hamlets.
If no candidate gets more than half the first choice votes, the two candidates with the most first-choice votes remain in the contest and all the other candidates drop out. Then, the second choice votes on the ballot papers of the candidates who dropped out of the contest are counted. Where there are votes for the two candidates remaining in the contest, they are added to the first-choice votes these candidates already have.
Of the two candidates, the one with the most first-choice and second-choice votes combined will be declared the next Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

For most of us the nearest polling station is in the Gateway Housing Association building opposite Mile End tube station, but if you want to check you can use the council's online polling station finder 

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