Sunday 2 April 2023

Join our Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, Tredegar Square, 11am start


Meotra's younger residents are invited to join us for our second Annual Easter Egg Hunt this coming Easter Saturday, 8th April, from 11am in Tredegar Square.

We have dozens and dozens of eggs that our army of helpers will be squirreling away early in the morning. We have a couple of hundred eggs with novelty toys or really cute furry animals inside, as well as some rather odd yolk-yielding squidgy eggs that just have to be seen.

Worried about food hygiene? Don't worry these eggs haven't been anywhere near a chicken. They are 100% unnatural. Like tokens, the kids exchange the luminous eggs for chocolate treats - though the exchange rate is yet to be decided.

So parents and grandparents bring your mini-yous along. Last year's event was enjoyed by young and old alike.

It would be great if you could let us let us know if you think you'll be coming, so we can work out that plastic to chocolate egg exchange rate.

Can you come and help hide the eggs?

We'll be hiding eggs and carrying out a thorough litter pick beforehand from around 10am. We have to be ready for the 11am start! If you can help drop us an email at:

Animation of Easter Egg Hunt goings on in Tredegar Square

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