Friday 29 October 2021

Planting events this weekend - starting in Tredegar Square 10-12 this Saturday 30th October


Bow residents planting bulbs in Tredegar Square's flower beds

Tomorrow from 10-12 we have lots of Primulas and Geranium Johnson's Blue to plant in the beds in Tredegar Square. Light showers are predicted in the morning. I'll be there whatever.

Last weekend we had half a dozen or so neighbours preparing the main bed we are planting up - removing weeds, loosening the soil, pruning the roses and removing the odd Red Bull can.

Pop along and help out for a bit if you can, or just for a chat and to say "hi". Please bring a trowel, something to kneel on and if you can manage a fork or spade that would be amazing.

***BONUS EVENT*** - tomorrow the Friends of Mile End Park have bulb planting from 1PM in Chris' Wood (that is just be the Art Pavilion). Please bring a trowel, fork or spade if possible.

On Sunday we are due to hold sessions 10-12 and 1-3; but the forecast is 90% chance of heavy rain in the morning, so I may cancel the morning session. I'll email tomorrow night when the forecast will be more reliable.

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