Saturday 5 June 2021

Interview with Meotra resident Alice Sielle

You may have recently spotted the wonderful interview with Alice Sielle in the Roman Road eZine.

Alice is a Meotra stalwart: being a long-term resident, host of our Fun Day "Splat the Rat" game, and one of our chief suppliers of warm mince pies at the Carols in the Square each December.

Alice moved into the Square in 1984 and remembers the house as being "covered in corrugated iron". I know of at least one other resident whose house seemingly relied on corrugated iron to exclude the elements. But as is so often, no one seems to have taken any photos? If anyone has got any such photos then please get in touch.

Enjoy the video above (it probably won't show in the email and you may have to go to our website to see it or on YouTube). How many Meotra residents you can spot?

Alice Sielle in Fun Day mode supervising the Splat the Rat
Alice at the Meotra Fun Day

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