Tuesday 28 July 2020

Changes to Parking Permits from 1st September

From the 1st September residents can only park all day in their own mini zone

Tower Hamlets Council has (just) announced changes to the parking Zone system as described above. 

It is a simple change - from 1st September you can only park in your own mini-zone ALL DAY. Other Zones are limited to three continuous hours - but this will have quite a significant impact on some local car users.

At our recent MEOTRA Zoom meeting a resident brought up the matter of non-residents from other B mini-zones driving into MEOTRA streets every weekday and then jumping on the tube at Mile End Station. An urban Park And Ride if you will.

It was noted that someone from Antill Road drives their Porsche around the corner daily and also someone from Tredegar Road drives their car three short streets too.

Now there may be folk who have limited mobility or carers who make use of this extra parking provision. So I hope allowances are made for those. 

Overall it should lead to a small, but noticeable, decrease in traffic coming into our residential streets.

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