Sunday 17 November 2019

The New Globe Pub - Works being carried out without planning consent

Recently the above twitter post by @thegentleauthor of Spitalfields Life fame, alerted us to some alarming works going on at The New Globe Public House.

The pub is within the Clinton Road Conservation Area and is also locally listed, and thus should have some extra degree of protection. However, David Berridge (who keeps an eye on planning matters for MEOTRA) couldn't find any current planning applications for the site, but there is a building control application (IN/19/05693/NC) which includes infilling existing windows and creating a new flat and other works. 

The destruction caused by irresponsible builders to the New Globe  Pub
windows and stall risers removed without consent

The exterior of the New GLobe Pub before the recent building works commenced
The Pub before works commenced

MEOTRA contacted Tower Hamlets Council's planning office to alert them of the works and ask that they investigate the matter urgently. 

Mayor John Biggs, Cllr Rachel Blake (Deputy Mayor - Planning, Tackling Poverty and Air Quality) and Christopher Ali-Hempstead (Planning Compliance Officer) have each written to MEOTRA and confirmed that the windows and stall risers have been removed without the appropriate planning consent having been granted.

The owners of the property have been instructed to cease all exterior works to the property and to apply for the relevant planning permission.

MEOTRA will let you know any further news.

The outside of a section of the New Globe Pub with wooden boards where windows once stood

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