Thursday 16 November 2017

PDSA Pet Hospital - Open Day Saturday 25th November

Flyer for the PDSA Open Day to celebrate 100 years of caring for animals

Did you know the PDSA was founded in the East End one hundred years ago today?

On the 17th November 1917 a sign was hung outside a dingy Whitechapel basement, inviting impoverished local people to bring their sick and injured animals for treatment. Inside, a single vet worked throughout the day, dressing wounds, fixing broken bones and dispensing medicine.

A century later, the PDSA is the UK’s leading pet wellbeing charity, with 48 pet hospitals, from Aberdeen to Plymouth, dedicated to helping the country’s most vulnerable pets. In that time it has provided an astonishing 100 million treatments to 20 million family pets – supporting hard-pressed households throughout the land.

Without a penny of Government funding, the charity’s hospitals now see more than 5,000 pets every day (that’s 13 every minute!). Its dedicated vet teams not only treat illness and injury but help prevent pets getting sick in the first place. They also educate owners – and the wider public – to ensure their beloved pets stay healthy and happy.

On Saturday 25th November (12-3PM) the PDSA Pet Hospital is having an Open Day to celebrate 100 years of caring for pets in the East End. It will provide a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of this pet hospital, meet the team, learn how to care for your pets, as well as fun and games for all the family.

The PDSA Bow Pet Hospital is at 171 Malmesbury Road, E3 3DT

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