Sunday 13 November 2016

Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan - Area Application submitted

A map showing the Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan area

In Tower Hamlets it seems you can tell when Christmas is 'round the corner as it is when important planning applications get submitted. Last year it was to build flats on the Grove Road Texaco site, the tower block on the site of Benjy's, and the house in a MEOT back garden. 

This year's present comes from a group known as "The Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum". I have written about them before, and although their aims (currently largely unknown) are I'm sure well intentioned, it remains to be seen if the whole "neighbourhood plan thing" is right for us in MEOTRA and if this incarnation of it, in particular, best serves us. 

So as well as getting the kids and relatives presents, staggering through work parties, all that food shopping and getting the house ready for Chrimbo you've also got to see if you can find time to absorb and comment on this.

I received the following email from the council which links to the 19-page application form and details how you can obtain further info and also comment on the application. So if you have a spare half hour can I suggest you click on the links below and see what you think. I'll write soon with further info soon, but please try and take a look.

Neighbourhood Planning Area Consultation
 A consultation period has begun on an application by the community group ‘The Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum’ to establish a Neighbourhood Area in the borough, in the Roman Road area (Core Strategy ‘Place’: Bow, Wards: Bow East and Bow West).

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced by the Localism Act (2011) and enables community groups to submit applications to the Council to establish ‘Neighbourhood Planning Forums’ and ‘Neighbourhood Planning Areas’.

The Plan Making Team has assessed that the application includes the necessary information required by legislation to determine the application. If the Council designates the Area, no other applications are able to be ‘made’ for the area until the designation is withdrawn.

Before the Council is able to determine the applications, a 6-week consultation period is required by legislation to be carried out within the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Area. Your views are sought on the application.

The application materials may be inspected free of charge from Friday 11th November 2016 to Friday 23rd December 2016 at the following locations:

•             on the Council’s website•             at the Tower Hamlets Town Hall reception
•             at Idea Store Bow, 1 Gladstone Place, Roman Road, E3 5ES

The focus of the consultation is on people who live, work or carry out business in the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Area. Responses from individuals or groups in other locations are also welcome. Written responses should be made by 5pm on Friday 23rd December 2016.

Responses should be sent to  or to:

Neighbourhood Planning Consultation
D&R Strategic Planning
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
PO BOX 55739
London E14 1BY

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