Monday 28 December 2015

Update on Redevelopment of Grove Road Texaco site.

The Texaco Garage emerging from the fog as a 277 bus passes by.

The council's deadline for commenting on the proposals for redeveloping the Grove Road Texaco garage site has now passed. We estimate around 30 objections were made, plus a petition by the Clinton Road residents and a letter from MEOTRA. There was at least one letter supporting the scheme.

Something everyone seems to agree on is the need for homes to be built. But there is a danger that in the fog of the often-mentioned "housing crisis" developers can get pretty much any housing scheme approved. After all isn't any housing better than none at all? In 10 or 20 years time will we look back and think what a wonderful addition to our area, or will we see a lost opportunity?

The council "Globe Road" signs put up in Grove Road accidently
On a lighter note. Hands up who noticed the council boo-boo the other week, where signs seemingly intended for GLOBE road found themselves attached to GROVE road lampposts? Or maybe they just got the name wrong?

And I thought it was just the pizza man who got the two streets mixed up.

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