Sunday 15 June 2014

Results of May Local Council Elections in Tower Hamlets

As I expect most of you are aware we recently had our local government elections in Tower Hamlets to elect a Mayor and local councillors. I'm sorry for the belated, though somewhat appropriate, posting of these results.

LOCAL COUNCILLORS: In our particular ward, Bow West, Joshua Peck was reelected for Labour together with the newly elected Asma Begum also for Labour. Congratulations to both of them on being elected with such a high proportion of the vote (each with more than three times the vote of the next candidate Jainal Chowdhury representing Tower Hamlets First). The turnout of 52% was very high.

A table of the Bow West election results.

The results across the borough were much more mixed with Tower Hamlets First picking up lots of seats in the West of the borough, Labour's seats are mainly in the East and the Conservatives have a small number adjacent to the river. No single party has a clear majority of seats.
A table of the borough-wide Tower Hamlets results

A ward map of Tower Hamlets with election results annotated.
The election for Blackwall & Cubitt Town Ward will take place on Thursday 3rd of July with three seats up for grabs.

THE TOWER HAMLETS MAYORAL ELECTIONS: This was a closely fought campaign and probably explains the high turn out across the borough.It is fair to say it polarised the borough along pro- and anti-Rahman lines. In total there were ten candidates (double the previous mayoral election).No one candidate had a clear majority and so second preference votes were counted. Lutfur Rahman was re-elected with a majority of 3,252 on a turnout of 47%.

Table showing the second round Mayoral Election results.

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