Monday 25 November 2013

Possible Locksmith Scam

An example of a sticker found on a property in Walthamstow

Some of you may have read in the press recently about burglars marking homes with Locksmith stickers. 

The stickers say "24/7 Locksmith" and contain a phone number, which does not exist and was never issued to anybody. At least one burglary in Wandsworth has been linked to the stickers. 
Police officers believe a scout makes a visit during the day to check if anybody is home and at the time they also get an idea about the doors, windows and locks.
Several homes in the MEOTRA area have had identical stickers to the one above placed on their letterbox and one resident believes an attempt was made to force a window at around 3.30am on Saturday night but the burglar was deterred by barking from the resident's dog.
The Metropolitan Police Bow West Safer Neighbourhood Team advice if you find a sticker on your door similar to the one pictured is to remove it immediately and inform them either by phone (020 8649 3521) or email . Please do not dial 101 and only call 999 in an emergency.

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