Recommended Tradesmen

Trying to maintain a house in today's busy times isn't easy. Often the first time you need a tradesman is in an emergency when the boiler has broken down over Christmas, a fuse has blown or the kitchen tap won't turn off. With this in mind, MEOTRA maintains a list of tradesmen that your neighbours have found reliable and recommend.

Thanks to all those that have contributed so far, we now have tradesmen for most professions but further additions are always most welcome. Eventually we hope to have 2 or 3 names for each of the more common types of work and then people will be able to pick and choose a tradesman from those that others have previously found trustworthy. For obvious reasons, self-recommendations are not allowed.

Don't forget MEOTRA are also interested in ‘cowboy’ firms – we won't publish these but will pass them on individually to anyone who is interested. Send details to

The fact that ‘un-recommendations’ arising from bad experiences are not shown means that sometimes the list doesn't grow and may even get shorter. Rest assured all your comments – positive and negative - are taken into account.

The list is available below as a PDF file and is updated twice a year – usually June and December. 

To access the list of recommended tradesmen click on the white van.