Friday, 29 October 2021

Planting events this weekend - starting in Tredegar Square 10-12 this Saturday 30th October


Tomorrow from 10-12 we have lots of Primulas and Geranium Johnson's Blue to plant in the beds in Tredegar Square. Light showers are predicted in the morning. I'll be there whatever.

Last weekend we had half a dozen or so neighbours preparing the main bed we are planting up - removing weeds, loosening the soil, pruning the roses and removing the odd Red Bull can.

Pop along and help out for a bit if you can, or just for a chat and to say "hi". Please bring a trowel, something to kneel on and if you can manage a fork or spade that would be amazing.

***BONUS EVENT*** - tomorrow the Friends of Mile End Park have bulb planting from 1PM in Chris' Wood (that is just be the Art Pavilion). Please bring a trowel, fork or spade if possible.

On Sunday we are due to hold sessions 10-12 and 1-3; but the forecast is 90% chance of heavy rain in the morning, so I may cancel the morning session. I'll email tomorrow night when the forecast will be more reliable.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Neighbourhood Forum AGM and Bow Community Day Saturday 30th October

This Saturday 30th October from 1.00-4.30 is the Bow Community Day at St Paul's Old Ford. This event has a range of free activities and is well worth popping along to and is an opportunity to bring local people and the community together after a very tough time to celebrate the many good things about Bow and help make it an even better place to live, work and enjoy together.

At 2.30 pm is the Neighbourhood Forum Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is being held at St Paul's Old Ford in St. Stephen's Road. 

The coming year is a crucial time for the Neighbourhood Forum and Bow and will likely see a referendum of all Bow residents as to whether or not we should adopt the plan. More info is below.

MILESTONE REACHED: Draft Neighbourhood Plan submitted to Council

After more than five years of community engagement, research and writing, a draft neighbourhood plan for Bow was submitted to the Council by the Neighbourhood Forum in mid-October.. The plan and supporting evidence is on the Forum website

Next steps 

  • After the Council cabinet confirms all the required documents have been submitted on 24th November, the Council will hold an eight-week consultation on the plan during December and January.
  • The updated plan then goes to an Independent Examiner who checks the plan meets all the legal requirements.
  • If the Examiner recommends the requirements have been met, then the final step is a local referendum on the plan. .Everyone can vote who lives in the referendum area and is entitled to vote in local elections.
  • If a majority vote in favour, the plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area, sitting under the Tower Hamlets Local Plan 2031.

How can you get involved?
  • You can join the Neighbourhood Forum on their website. This entitles you to vote at Forum meetings.
  • Come to the Neighbourhood Forum Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is at 2.30 pm on Saturday 30th October at St Paul's Old Ford in St. Stephen's Road.
  • Consider joining the Forum committee, which will be elected on 30th October They need more people to help steer the plan through these final steps. The committee currently meets online once a month. They would love to hear from you if you are interested. Please send a short email to the Neighbourhood Forum at:           

Friday, 22 October 2021

Tredegar Square - Half Term bulb planting sessions

Daffs and Hyacinths from 2019
Tredegar Square 2019: Daffs and Hyacinths

Mile End Old Town Residents Association has arranged a number of bulb, plant plugs and plant planting sessions over the next ten days or so in Tredegar Square. We have lots of lovely Geranium Johnson's Blues to plant, a thousand or so ornamental bulbs (no daffs!) and a few dozen 2L potted plants. Last time we did this in the Square it was a great outdoor event with lots of neighbours getting to know each other; and the children enjoying being in the outdoors.

If you pass by then say "Hi"

The sessions are:
10-12 Sat 23rd October (late notice I know, but be good to get off to a good start)
10-12 Sat 30th October
10-12 Sun 31st October
13-15 Sun 31st October If you'd like to come please fill out this short form so we have an idea of numbers:  We do have some tools, but it would be best (from a COVID point of view) if you were able to bring your own equipment (hand trowel/fork/sturdy gloves/a knee mat etc).

I hope to see some of you there.